Yep, becasue of a couple of shows I have been watching I thought I would add a section for TV as well.

Though in genreal I am not a big fan of animie there are a few shows I enjoy, and one that as farily recently come to my attention, that has caught my intrest is Blood. This is a rather intresting animie about a very vampire like race, which is refered to as Kyropton (there is a good chance I spelled that wrong)

I just watched the premier for the show Moonlight, about a vampire Private Eye, and I am quite happy that it proved to be rather intresting and good, and I am looking forward to watching it agian.  I was a little worried at first when it began, for it seemed to have been ripped off from Interview with a Vampire, but then they took a different spin on it, and made the interview as part of a dream that he was having. Also parts of the show reminended me of Cold Kiss, which I liked.  

Grimm Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Ok so it is a cartoon for kids, but I just had to mention it here, and well I love the show I have to admit. Mandy is my girl.

Death Note

This is another animie, I watch it sort of off and on, so becasue I do not follow it regularly, I am a bit confused by some of it, but I still find it interesting. It seems to be about this boy who has come upon this book, and he can comand these spirit/demon like beings to kill someone by wiriting thier names down in the book.

Fear Itself is a new “show” on Thrusday nights, in which each night a new scary movie will air. The movies are an hour long, and the first movie was called Sacrifice, and about one of my personal faveorite topics. I bet you can guess. Yes, vampires. What I liked about this movie, was the way in which it combined some classical elements with a sort of new spin.

 Last night on Fear Itself there was another interesting movie called “Skin and Bones” It was intereesting becasue it was slightly different, of a more unusual subject matter, and it was one of my faveorite of the Feat Itself, movies. It was about the leged of the Windigo which I wrote about in my blog.

There is a new seris on BBC called Being Human that is quite an interesting and original concept. So far the show is enjoyable, it mixes humur with drama. The show is about a vampire, werewolf, and ghost who are roomates together, trying to fit into the world the best they can while struggling with what and who they are.

14 comments on “TV

  1. phyreblade says:

    One older series I always liked was one called “Forever Knight” about an 800 year old vampire turned police detective. I liked the many excellent, well developed characters in that series.

    I might try to catch and episode or two of Moonlight…

  2. ladyofspiders says:

    That sounds good, I rather enjoy Moonlight.

  3. Anna says:

    it sounds good im gonna search it now

  4. Jessica says:

    Moonlight is really good and does play a spin on old myths of vampires. I was addicted by the first episode and have been watching it ever since. But I’ll have to check out Blood too. Sounds good.

  5. d says:

    to be more correct, Death Note is about this high school student who finds a notebook, left by a shinigami, whoever’s name is written in the note, they will die of a heart attack in 40 seconds unless specific details of the death are written

  6. ladyofspiders says:

    Thank you for the clarification as I am not that fmailair with the show

  7. Meghan says:

    Uhhh, i’d like two say two shows…

    ONE: BLOOD TIES. it is about a vampire, the cop-ish people and a PI. Vikki the PI(who is also a ex-cop person)meets a vampire named Henry Fitzroy(may have misspelled) and with meeting him she get branded with a demony thing tatoo and now they are trying to destroy the forces of evil..dun dun dunnnn.

    TWO: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have to say, it is a classic for vampiry shows,i have all seven seasons. but i am sad to say it’s not accually aired on any of the channels i have, but if you can find it aired(btw it’s all re-runs) please let me know!

  8. Meghan says:

    oh and btw i haven’t watched Blood ties, in forever,so i dont know if it’s on anymore with what happened whit the writers strike.

  9. ladyofspiders says:

    Blood Ties sounds interesting, but I just cannot get into the whole Buffy thing.

  10. Amy St. Peter says:

    You may want to try Supernatural also. It will start its fourth season (5 is their limit) on September 18th. It is really two story-lines in one. Two brothers hunt down and eliminate evil. It’s about family and folklore. Lots of mythology and demonology involved. The seasons have gotten quite good. Enyone let me know what they think.
    Also, too bad the Moonlight was canceled, or was it?

  11. Amy St. Peter says:

    Also, I agree on the Buffy thing, same for that older show Charmed. Too sticky sweet, bright and cheerful. You’d think fighting evil would be a bit darker. Oh, and don’t let my last name fool you. It’s not exactly descriptive.

  12. ladyofspiders says:

    I was not sure if Moonlight was canceled, I thought I had heard something along those lines before, that would be unfortuante.

    HBO has a new Vampire seriis coming up True Blood, but I do not get HBO, I might have to rent the first seasons DVD’s when they are released and check it out to see if it is any good.

  13. Kandy says:

    I love Death Note
    and Buffy the Vampire slayer
    you shuold try Blood Ties
    its about a ditective who works with vampire and she the detective helps people out with their supernatural problems and Henry the (hot) vampire helps her out.

  14. Ameer says:

    watched Moonlight its very good but they cnaceld it so no series 2 :(
    being human was gd
    Demonsis another seires that has vampire in it, its very gd but that been canceld so only 1 seires :(
    some gd shows being cnaceld :(

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