Live Theatre

Though not all of the plays listed here, I have nescaiarily seen preformed, I have at least read them, if they are mentioned, also I may include other preformaces that involve live moving art then just the play, Opera, for example should one come to my attention, as such venues are about more then just thier music, they are a visual experince

No Exit, by Jean-Paul Sartre

This is an excellent play, and one of the most unique portryals of hell I have yet to encounter, it is marveoullsy done and really takes a very different look upon a classical subject, it is thought provoking and enteraining. With a tough of dark humur behind it.

The Tempst By Shakespeare

This was a delight to ready, perhaps ranking among my faveorites of his work, I love the way he brings the supernatural into his writing, this is a most intresting and ejoyable play.

Macbeth, By Shakespeare

Of course I cannot leave this one out, with the infamous witches whom play such a preadoment role, this is perhaps one of his most well known works, but for good reason.

Doctor Faustus By Christopher Marlowe

The story of a man whoes quest for knowlege leads him to make a deal with the Devil, it has been a whle sense I read this one, but it is a good read.

Damn Yankees

A comical musical and book, it is the story, of an avid baseball fan whom sees time and time again his team loose as the Yankees continulously win, when one day he meets a strange figure, and sells his soul to the devil in order to have is youth restored, and to become a star player on his favortie team and see them to victory.

The Magic Flute By Mozart

I have just recently seen this opera, and I thought it was a worthy mention here becasue it was very occultic, and in fact it touches upon ideas and concepts of Free Masonary.

5 comments on “Live Theatre

  1. Anna says:

    hi i acted as lady macbeth in the play it was so cool acting mad ill have to see it again now lol

  2. arallahmenorah says:

    There is also Dracula; I prefer the Steven Dietz version to the Hamilton Dean one, but both are interesting.

  3. Euryale says:

    There is also a play called Dracula Spectacular…. our school performed it but we changed it to The Vamp Drculina because a girl was playing the main role…

  4. S.L.C.C. says:

    In Re. to Euryale’s post, I like it. Altho. such is not, of the occult type of Theatre, please can we see a girl/woman, playin’ Billy Elliot, Etcetara, etcetara.?!

  5. S.L.C.C. says:

    ‘Vinega Tom’, by Caryyl Churchhill. :-)

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