Here I will keep posted a list of films with dark gothic elmenets and occultic themes.

The Hamiltons

This was from the Horrorfest collection of movies, and it was a rather unique and interesting look at vampires, it was about a family doing their best to live ordinary lives, going to school and working jobs, but they happened to be vampires, which in this movie is portrayed as a disease which they have to cope with. No supernatural powers to help them out or magic. Only their own cunning as they try and fit in with the world and still survive.

Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter

This is a somewhat old movie I had come across one day on AMC, and because it is an older movie, it was a bit cheesy/corny, but on the other hand, I absolutely loved it, and I am still trying to hunt down the DVD for it. It was one of those movies that is delightfully bad.


I could not leave out this action packed Vampire thriller. A classic tale of good vs. Evil, and the vampric vampire slayer with a vengeance.


I rather enjoyed these movies. What could be better then bringing together our two favorite monsters. Living in secret among humans, two societies at war with each other. One of Vampires and the other Werewolves.

Van Halsing

This was something of a favorite of mine, and quite uniquely done, as it brought together in one tale several classics. I thought this movie did quite well in merging the old with the new and was most enjoyable.


Of course we cannot forget the original classic, the silent vampire film. And perhaps one of the first vampire movies ever made (I cannot say for certainty if any were made previous to this one) but this is surely the most well known oldest vampire movie.

Wes Craven’s Dracula

Well it should be no surprise that I love Wes Craven, and he is one of my favorite horror directors, so I just had to mention his own Dracula films, I found them quite enjoyable.

Blood and Chocolate

This is a great Werewolf movie I thought, and I loved it, I found this movie to be thoroughly enjoyable. One of the things about this movie which I quite enjoyed, is that unlike most depictions of the Werewolf, it actually shows a Pact mentality much more akin to true wolves, rather then just a lone rampaging beast.


Another Wes Craven, this was a rather enjoyable movie, not one to be taken seriously, it was the perfect balance of camp and horror, enough so that it really did work to make a good film, as it did not try to take itself too seriously, and yet nor did it go over the top of just being completely cheesy.

From Dusk Til Dawn

This perhaps is not the best movie ever made, rather far from it, but I still enjoyed it in its own right, it was presented by the Crypt Keeper, for any who remember the old Tales From the Crypt, and it was cheezy, with bad lines and bad acting.

The Lost Boys

I cannot forget this one, I rather enjoyed it the first time seeing. It is an oldie, but all in all a goodie I would say.

The Beast Must Die

I just came acorss this older movie on AMC during Monster Fest, which I love, and it remeinds me of Richard Connell’s The Most Dangerous Game but with a twist, a wealthy game hunter gathers together a group of people each of whom had been implimented in a hienus craime and suspects one of them is a werewolf, and so he seeks to find out which one is to hunt it down and kill it for the ultimate experince

30 Days of Night

Yes I finally saw this moive, so I can officaly add it here, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it.  I found it had a very unique take upon the vampire.  It kept some classical elements, while in some reguards seeming more realistic, as realistic as something from lore and myth can appear. It was also shot in a very intresting and effective way I thought. I also loved the fact that the vampires spoke thier own langauge.

Mulberry St.

I did a full post on this movie, so I will not say much about it here, only that it combines concepts of two different typical horror film subjects in an interesting and original idea. And I really liked the way in which it was filmed.

An American Werewolf in London

Though it does have its camp moments, this is an old classic which is deserving of mention and should be included in any cannon of werewolf movies.

Serpent & Rainbow

An interesting though somewhat silly movie directed by Wes Craven who I love.  It is about the practice of making zombies in Voodoo, and an anthropologist who goes to Hattie to find the method in which the “zombie” powder is made, hoping the process can be used for medical reasons to help people.  When the corrupt Haitian government does not want the secret divulged, he discovers there is real magic at work.


A rather strange though interesting Korean film about vampires, there seems to be some elements of Anne Rice’s ideas played out within the film, but it still has its own rather unique take upon the subject. Something of a tragic love story tied in with the struggle of vampirisim. Though the way the film was editied at points did leave some moments in confussion within the film. It had a rather powerful if somewhat bazzar ending.


17 comments on “Film

  1. Mick says:

    If you get the chance (and have’nt already done so) take a look at Kenneth Angers’ Magick Lantern Cycle films, well worth a look, particularly if you have an interest in the occult.

  2. ladyofspiders says:

    Sounds intresting, I will have to look into it, thanks for the tip

  3. phyreblade says:

    I haven’t watched the first two, but I’m a great fan of the last four you have listed. Great movies.

    I am admittedly not an expert in occult/goth specific movies, however I do watch a lot of movies, and I would have considered movies like “Interview with a Vampire” and “Bram Stokers Dracula” to be on the short list of vampire occult canon.

    Just curious if you had seen them and didn’t like them or had some other reason for not including them and other movies like them.

  4. phyreblade says:


    I just remembered one more, “Innocent Blood” I really liked that movie, I thought the female Vampire (who was also the lead) in that movie was smart, charming, witty and genuinely likeable. Definitely one you should see, if you haven’t already.

  5. ladyofspiders says:

    I have not seen Innocent Blood, but it does sound worth a look, it would be refreshing by the sound of it.

    I have not seen Bram Stroker’s Dracula in a long long time, and even then not in entairty, but from what I did see it was not one of my faveorites.

    Regaurding Interview With A Vampire, the main reason I did not include it was becasue it was a book first, and so it is sort of included in my Book section where I talk about Anne Rice and her books, but the movie did a good job.

  6. Anna says:

    hi love this website starting to drw mt version of the vampire lestat

  7. ladyofspiders says:

    Oh that sounds cool

  8. Samantha says:

    One of my favourite films is “Gothic”, directed by Ken Russell. It’s not a recent films-(1986) but it still manages to grip me with it’s ideas and portrayal of that “dark night”

    The film revolves around the poets Shelley and Lord Byron- a man likened to the devil himself.

    And I think it’s great! Anyone else seen it?

  9. ladyofspiders says:

    I have not seen it, but it does sound interesting I will have to keep it in mind

  10. iman says:

    i am interested in supernatural creatures,i like to know if they really exist and why they are interested in beautiful women!!?

  11. ladyofspiders says:

    Well as far as thier interest in beautiful woman, that was an idea created by media sources, be it books or movies, and it first emerged becasue back in the day, there was nothing more terrifying then the idea of men having thier women victimized. These ideas about monsters targeting beautiful women emerged in the days when a woman’s virignity was her most prized and precaious pocession that men were to gaurd and protect, and women were viewed as weak and delicate beings that were helpless without men. So one of the most monsterous things they could convive of was to have ruin brought upon the pure innocence of women.

  12. Meghan says:

    HI, i dont believe that it was about their verginity.
    i believe that it was that people, men mostly, were afraid of women having powers that could beat a mans power to control the woman of the time. I believe that a vampire for example that is a woman is much much scairier than a man who is a vampire; because women are beautiful and men usually give into what the woman wants. and btw: Women are not innocent.

  13. Euryale says:

    Hey I was wondering if you have seen the movie “Constantine”… Keanu Reeves plays in it… and also Rachel Weisz… it is a really good movie…
    here is a synopsis.. from IMDb:
    John Constantine (Keanu Reeves) was born with a gift or a curse to see demons and angels walking this earth disguised as humans. Demons and angels cannot make a person do anything, but they can whisper in your ear and give you an urge to do it. As a child, John could not understand what he was seeing, and he had enough of this life and wanted to leave this cruel world by killing himself. Unfortunately for John, he is saved from death, and now must atone for his act. John is given extraordinary powers, and becomes a guardian on earth. Whenever a demon breaks the rules, John exorcises them and sends them back to Hell. John is known by the police for working in the supernatural field of the occult, and Los Angeles police detective Angela Dodson (Rachel Weisz) wants his help in her investigation. Angela has discovered that spirits are walking the earth, and she believes they had some connection to the suicide of her twin sister. Angela becomes aware that John can see these spirits, and she wants to see them too. John reluctantly grants her wish. John and Angela must deal with representatives of both Heaven and Hell to save humanity

    Sorry it is a bit long… but it is a real good explanation of the movie… I just wanted to point it out to you because it is my favorite movie on the subject of heaven… hell… demons and angels… it is really amazing…
    I think that you should watch this movie… it was released in 2005 so it should be available anywhere.. I do think that it is a bit… “over-dramatic” on some parts.. but it gives you another perspective on heaven and hell… The whole movie is based on the comic book Hellblazer which is a horror comic book first published in 1988 and has been published continuously since..
    thought you just might be interested.. so check it out!!

  14. ladyofspiders says:

    Ahh yes I remember that movie, it was interesting

  15. Brianna says:

    LOVE Blood and Chocolate ;)

  16. J.Rush says:

    Thanks for the inclusion in thy canon.

    Bet you can’t guess who my favorite vampire is from
    the Blade series!

    Arrgh, no italic script! *suffers MLA damage +5*

  17. hello again says:

    I started up whith a bit more psycho, than a horror: the war zone. a scandalous sensation of the ’90s, I heard later from m.. personaly I missed this at it’s time).
    usually it has this bunker-penetration in it’s. when the daughter is crieing, “can’t you take me like mom .. I’m not a boy”, and it’s seen when she’s penetrated in her back by the father, still crieing; verry helpless,, and to my opinion much to buitifull as a woman, to the asthetic phenomena.
    nevertheless something, a szene I can’t get out of my head. then I turned on this formidable “so finster die nacht”, the german titel says. a swedish vampireadeption from a book. it could not reah the ‘magic’ from the classic nosferatu, but it realy realy impressed me a lot.


    ps: from the speaches whith my christian friends I will give, spend some clearity to some at spoken aspects here. first, there is no hell. it’s somthing like simply nothing or the end. or we should say, in case of secound death, so the loose of the etearnal live, you simply won’t be awoke, when the heaven kingdoom is to come. the idea comes from a symbolation, used by jesus, to picture out where the rubbish, eaven the murders will end in his time. the south-west part beneath jerusalem: hinnom or gehinnom. it is said, sulfad was their, mybe fire is spoken about to, me can’t prommise.
    than we have to clear out, talking in the dimensions of the angles as an army, that a thired part of them followed the third angel, luzifer, down or away from good.

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