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Well sense there is no PM service or such thing at wordpress, for anyone who wants to leave a comment or ask a question or any other such, that does not directly relate to any of the posted topics then feel free to do so here.

97 comments on “Drop a Line

  1. chrismith says:

    Your werewolf section is quite interesting – is it written from your own research or are you compiling a collection of texts? I haven’t time to read it all at the moment but I’ll be back!

  2. ladyofspiders says:

    Thank you, it is a little bit of both, some of it is written from my own research and my own opinions, but particuarly with the profiles of “real life” cases, are information drawn from other sites that I have dug up.

  3. chrismith says:

    I don’t suppose you have any interesting research on cows – whether it be mystical, fantastical or fact?

    ps I’m actually serious about this!

  4. Dutchboy says:

    What to make of the photos on this site? http://icanhascheezburger.com/

  5. ladyofspiders says:

    The bunny is adorable but I love the little vampire kitty

  6. Druidoak says:

    I’ve started up a new website radicalpagan.com
    Check out the site, I would like to have you as a contributor to the site if you would be so inclined. E-mail me if you would be interested. By the way I think your site is great, it looks like you have put a lot of time and effort into it.

  7. ladyofspiders says:

    Thanks a lot I will take a look at your site

  8. Dutchboy says:

    Looks great, the new theme!

  9. Leon says:

    The artist details for “Oedipus and the Sphinx”
    Gustave Moreau (1826-1898) — French Painter
    Oedipus and the Sphinx
    Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY.

    Best wishes,


  10. ladyofspiders says:

    Thank you Dutchboy, yeah I was not completely happy with the old one, but I really like how this one looks.

    Thanks a bunch Leon, I will go cridit it properly.

  11. phyreblade says:

    just thought I’d say I like your blog. It’s very interesting.

  12. ladyofspiders says:

    Thank you

  13. ohrubyblue says:

    I really love your site. You have an amazing compilation of information. I was wondering if you had any information on the Hellfire Club?

  14. ladyofspiders says:

    Thank you one of the things I enjoy about this site, is that it is a learning experince for me, it allows me to explore more in depth on subjects of interest to me.

    Yes I have some infromation regaruding the club, in some ways, it was almost like the Skull and Bones of today, it was a seceret orginization in which prominant memebers of society gathered together, it was said in order to partake in debacuary and such behavior, there are some rumurs that they preformed Black Massess, one intresting thing is that the motto which Crowley is infamous for, and claims for himself “Do what they will and that should be the law” was originaly penned by Dashood and used for the Hellfire Club

  15. ohrubyblue says:

    What got you interested in all of this? You’ve obviously done quite a bit of research into this particular area. Thanks for the information on the Hellfire Club. I’d heard about it by mere chance and tried doing some research on it, but couldn’t find anything really conclusive. The only fact I could find that seemed to be agreed upon by most was that Benjamin Franklin joined while visiting England. I’m unfamiliar with the Skull and Bones.

  16. ladyofspiders says:

    Skull and Bones is an elite seceret society of white upper class America, it is based at Yale, and many pormiment members of society are members including George Bush.

    Even at a young age I was always fascinated by vampires, perhaps they were my first love to so to speak, and I always loved history and mythogogy and as I grew older, my intrests grew with me, I just love the mystery of it, and in part it has to do with my own beleifs as a Pagan. I have studied in the world of the occult sense I was in highschool.

  17. ohrubyblue says:

    I wasn’t even aware such a group existed. Thank you, I’ll have to look up some more information about it. If you have any sites or books that you would recommend, please let me know.

    I’ve always loved mythology as well. I’ve done a lot of studying on Greek, Roman, Celtic, and Ancient Egyptian mythology in particular. My best friend is Wiccan, and through her I learned a lot about various forms of paganism (which I am also very interested in). However, I ended up attending a private Christian high school in which such thoughts were thought of as sinful. I think, if anything, going to a Christian school only inspired me to further pursue various types of religion. I feel as though looking at the world from a singular perspective is limiting. As for your personal religious beliefs, what do you mean by pagan? I know that probably sounds like a stupid question, but I am trying to find as much information on various forms of paganism as is possible.

  18. ladyofspiders says:

    I will look up some information on Skull and Bones, and see if I find any good sources, I do not have any off the top of my head.

    Pagan is a very wide term, and lots of different things fall under it, for me perosnally I do not follow a speicific path, I have stuided many different forms of pagnasim and traditional beleif systems and inccorperate a lot of what I have studied into my own personal beleif system. I am highly inspiered by the Celtic tradition. I am poloythestic, beliving in many dieites, with a storng focus on the Goddess whom I choose to call Gaia. One thing that sets Wiccans apart from Traditional Pagans, is that Trad. Pagans, do not follow the Three Fold Law, which is everything you do will come back you 3 times, or the Witches Rede, “Do What they wilt and harm none” These are concepts of Wicca. Traditonal Pagans, tend to follow the law of an Eye for an Eye, which was originally an ancient sumerian beleif before it came to be known as a bibical phrase.

  19. Jim says:

    The picture under the title, The Woman and the Vampire, the long dark haired girl (November). Do you know the name of the picture? I have been trying to find it out for months but no one knows its name or who created it.

  20. Jim says:

    Ooops! the picture is in the Vampires category, sorry.

  21. ladyofspiders says:

    The version I used I got from goggle images, but I know the artist who did it has a gallery on Epilogue, just cannot remember the name off the top of my head, but I can track it down

  22. ladyofspiders says:

    The picture is called Vampire Reborn, by Katherine Dinger

    And it can be fond here:


  23. Jim says:

    Re: Vampire Reborn. Thank you. Happy belated All Souls day.

  24. Aya says:

    How old are u guys

  25. Andy says:

    Oh, and did not know about it. Thanks for the information …

  26. Anna says:


    I love your blog. Was wondering if you could help on a research I’m carrying out about laws against witches -esp in the UK-. Please jot me a line if you can. Cheers

  27. ladyofspiders says:

    Glad you enjoy the site. I do have several articles about witchcraft trails that were carried out within Europe. I will be glad to try and help you.

    You might find this document helpful:

  28. Kaitlyn says:

    On the vampire part of this web site there is a section for ‘keeping them away’. I wanna know how to bring them closer.
    Sounds stupid but I really want to know.

  29. ladyofspiders says:

    I do not know if there are any acutal myths in folklore that talk about how to attract vampires, I will have to look into it.

  30. Kaitlyn says:

    Thanks…I just am really intrested in vampires…werewolves…pretty much anything that most people would consider fake

  31. semjazan says:

    I always enjoy reading your posts. Great topics!

  32. Maria says:

    I was wondering if you couvld give me some good vampire sites.I am looking for someone and I need some information.It would be deeply appreciated.

  33. ladyofspiders says:

    This one is really quite extensive


  34. Mistress Rae says:

    Absolutely LOVED this. So informative! I’d love to add your link to my site, if that’s okay with you! I write Gothic paranormal romance and (some) horror, and your blog seems so fitting! lol!

  35. ladyofspiders says:

    Thank you, I am glad you enjoy, and yes you may add my link if you like.

  36. deineira says:

    Just wanted to let you know, I think this is a fabulous website, and thanks for making it!!!


  37. ladyofspiders says:

    Thank you very much, glad you enjoy it

  38. Kaitlyn says:

    I was wondering if you could give me any good vampire, werewolf websites.

  39. Sheena says:

    I accidentally saw your website when I was looking through vampire images. Since I was young I already find vampires quite fascinating. I have always been very curious as to how it feels to be one, what is it like, but I never really pay attention to it. I didn’t research on that specific subject, not as much as you do, so I really have no idea if vampires do exist even on this day and age, or if they really do exist. Your site is remarkable and I appreciate the work and effort you’ve done to educate people about these matters. Untill next time..

  40. Kaitlyn says:

    Thanks, the sites are great!

  41. ladyofspiders says:

    Gald you enjoyed them

  42. denkbert says:

    First, you wrote quite an interesting article :)

    I’d like to, however, add and correct a few things, since many things you’ve written about the mythological kitsune aren’t even remotely accurate.

    It is rather unlikely that you’ll find the “modern” depiction of the kitsune as some sort of fox-girl outside the slightly more bizarre mange/anime subgenres; in fact, most modern kitsune depictions refer to old woodblock prints and the white kitsune statues you can find all over japan. If you can get your hands on the studio Ghibli anime “Pom Poko”, i can only recommend you watch it, there are some very good kitsune depictions in this anime.

    The shape-shifting ritual you described above is sort of a novel to me. In most japanese legends and fairy tales, kitsune are simply credited to have the ability to change their shape at will, without any skulls or bowing whatsoever (you can read about this in small section of the english wikipedia article on kitsune).

    But you’re right about the introduction of the kitsune myth – it origins from China and came with chinese travelers and scriptures to Japan.

    The rest about kitsune being pranksters and very intelligent is correct (but it is being said that they don’t play as much pranks as the Tanuki ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tanuki ) or the Kamaitachi ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamaitachi )).

    Just one last thing about the “white fox spirits” – they’re kitsune as well, although very old and mighty ones.
    In mythology, the kitsune “evolve” from normal foxes – those are said to get more intelligent by age and if they reach a certain age (50 or 100 years, depends on the regional folklore in japan), they get the ability to change their shape and create illusions. It is said that they gain one additional tail for every 100 years they have lived and that they can get up to nine tails; thus, the tails serve as sort of an indicator of the fox’ power. If a fox gets his ninth tail, his fur turns white and he gains a vast amount of power and the ability to see and hear everything in the world.
    Therefore, the Kyuubi depiction in Naruto isn’t completely accurate, since the Kyuubi lacks the white fur …

    P.S.: If you’re using pictures from the obakemono-project (I’m referring to the first, ‘traditional’ kyuubi picture), you could at least credit the site where you took it from ( http://www.obakemono.com/obake/kitsune/ ) … that being said, if you decide to take on japanese monsters or myths again, feel free to contact me, I’d be more than glad to give you more details :)

  43. deineira says:

    Hello, it’s me, deineira, again. I have just founded a site called Write-On Bookgroup, for reading and writing in a group, a network of authors. I was wondering if you were too opposed to joining it.

    Also, I have an author’s sidebar in the side, and it’s only displaying two authors, when in reality there are 17. Do you have any idea why this might occur?


  44. deineira says:

    Never mind about the sidebar worries – would you like to join the group?

    Thanks again!

  45. ladyofspiders says:

    Sorry I have not been around here in a while, I have been away, and caught up in other things. I will be willing to take a look into the group.

  46. zach says:

    would a priest put a hex on me if i asked him to.im 12

  47. ladyofspiders says:

    Not very likely in this day and age

  48. katie dean says:

    i don’t know who to ask but i attract a lot of spiders. my room is the only room in the house that has spiders. i get at least 5 full size spiders a day but they never seem to bite me, can you please help me.

  49. ladyofspiders says:

    The spider could be a totem animal for you. Or a spirit guide.

  50. Katie says:

    Hi, I was reading your section on the history of ghosts for a college paper I’m writing about paranormal issues. The information is really great and I was wondering if you have any of the citation information for the stories mentioned and/or how you would like the article to be cited. (your name, screen name, etc?) Thanks for any help!

  51. ladyofspiders says:

    If you are willing to give me your e-mail address it may be easier for me to e-mail you reference mattieral, but if not, I understand and I can post it here.

  52. Amy St. Peter says:

    Is there a way to rell if my totem animal is really a crow or not? Thank you in advance.

  53. ladyofspiders says:

    Well there are many different ways in which a person might discvoer thier totoem animal. It is kind of a personal thing, but if you start noticing crows around you a lot more, or if you feel that the crow has a special meaning to you, or have crows enter into your dreams, than it could be an indication.

  54. Mark Alford says:

    Hey there,

    I got nominated for the I Love Your Blog award and even I have just found yours, I felt that I should pass the love on to you. You can see where I posted about you at: http://bubosblog.blogspot.com/2008/09/blog-love.html

    Keep up the good work.

  55. Erin says:

    I LOVE your site! You have no idea how much this helped me! You might find a series of annoying comments left by me all over your site. Sorry about that! :3

  56. ladyofspiders says:

    I am glad you enjoy it and I do mot mind the coments.

  57. I was just wondering……..oh yes now i remember I was just wondering do you hate vampire stereotypes such as all vampires can read minds or all vampires are evil or even all vampires are is sex its all about the sex

  58. ladyofspiders says:

    I would not go as far to say I hate them. They are interesting part of the Vampire hitory and culture when studying and evaluating them. I find more worth in anylyzing these things and what they mean in the human physchology, then denouncing them completely.

  59. iceflower says:

    if the vampires already exists how they can feed themselves? with no doubt it is an imaginary myth and not true.

  60. iceflower says:

    nevertheless, your site is quit interesting!

  61. ladyofspiders says:

    If you read my site, you will see it is not a statement of beleif or disbeleif, but simply an anylysis of the history of the vampire, its role in modern culture, and the physcholgy of the vampire. I am not responseablie for the opinions of those who comment if they choose to take what write as litteral.

  62. wolf queen girl says:

    hey spider i was wondering how much do you know about werewolves and how did you get this information?

  63. wolf queen girl says:

    asmileofdarkness (cool name by the way) what do you think of vampires some of my frieds are vamps and iv been asking them to change me since i found out and i you dont like vamps wev got a problem on our hands

  64. ladyofspiders says:

    Well most of the information I have used here on this site has come from various soruces, internet research, books, film, tv.

  65. wolf queen girl says:

    spider i really want to become a werewolf of shape-shifter bad but i dont want to hurt my loved ones what do i do to prepare for my change

  66. wolf queen girl says:

    spider one question how do i become a werewolf? what are some semi-proven methods?

  67. ladyofspiders says:

    There is none. You are not going to physically turn into a wolf. It just does not work that way.

  68. wolf queen girl says:

    then how does it work

  69. ladyofspiders says:

    The physicaly transformation into the body of a wolf is folk-lore and Hollywood, though there are those today who identify themselves with wolves, and are considered werewolves. For real life werewolves, it is more of a spiritual condition, rather then a physcial condition. It is a whole way of life, a way of preiviging life, a life style, there are those that do cliam to have some physcial changes, such as sharper senses, quik reflexes, and there are those who say they can change shape while in a state of dreaming.

  70. wolf queen girl says:

    interesting i was wondering how old are you

  71. gregmosher says:

    ay Greg hur…i wud luv ta b a werewolf ba i highly doubt tha itz possible, az fer hightining ur senses wit tha light magic process er w/e, thatz nawt from that, itz frum desiring it, and your mind will search and improve it on itz own, i have laid under tha moonlight all night ((full moon)) n it never did nathin, sa i wud love ta b a werewolf, but until then, ill fight lii a wolf ((nawt a werewolf )) for what i want,for survival,need etc i love bein in tha woodz, and i’ve bin told by ppl tha i remine thum of a tiger, and a wolf tiger, cauz a nine lives (( dawnt ask lol ))and wolf cauz when i fight im fast az fuck, and never back down and am loyal ta tha end lii a wolf i sappose, ba thaz juzz wha i bin told, i dont look to deeply inta it myself

  72. hey i want to become a werewolf to but can you can you control it that is what i want to know if i kill some one without meaning to i will feal bad

  73. hi i am back listen i have looked at other sites and they are using dark magic to transform i dont like it if you use black magic you can not control it good it will be like a split personality or another person they really get on my nerves

  74. vamps are cool to but my favs are werewolves give me werewolf form again or give me ……………… something else

  75. Nic Dean says:


    I would like to use the image of Loogaroo in a book about vampires. Do you hold the rights and a hi-res version please?



  76. jen0va says:

    Interesting information. Don’t know about the whole vampires section, but to each their own.

  77. michelle says:

    Hello, I went hunting around this morning about information on werewolves as I most recently have been exploring fantasy, myth and enchantment for a college course I was taking……the main point of the class is to discover how myths apply to today. Are you familar with Joseph Campbell. Great stuff. After reading several myths on werewolves I could not grasp how I could relate this to modern day. Your ideas of “the beast in all of us” and “try to avoid our inner beast but cannot fully”….thats it; the modern connection. I appreciate your thoughts and writings.
    Keep it up, you have an excellent talent.

  78. ladyofspiders says:

    Thank you, I do enjoy Campbell’s ideas on mythology and its place in the world today.

  79. Duncan says:

    Hi there.
    I was hoping that perhaps you would kindly help me find serious books on witches and witchcraft.
    No commercial books if possible, I need concrete/meaningful information.
    Thank you.

  80. ladyofspiders says:

    Are you looking for books that deal with Witchcraft from a historcal point of view? Or about Modern Witchcraft?

  81. Adrienne says:

    My name is Adrienne and I am a production assistant for Montana PBS. I am interested in the artwork posted for the Changing Bear Maiden story. Do you own this photo? And if not, who does?

    Thank you

  82. ladyofspiders says:

    The image belongs to Herman H. Lou and he can be found on Elfwood


  83. Abbey says:

    I am curious about the photo you have of the Hag! I am interested in acquiring a photo of this magnitude for a profile pic for a game character that I have created! Can you tell me where that photo comes from or who the artist is! Thanks!

  84. BuddyGuyComesBack says:

    Hello. I hope I don’t intrude. I thought you might be interested in some pieces of information I have. I’m from Romania. My country, along with Serbia, is the cradle of vampire folklore. But back in those days things were very different.
    The concepts of vampire and werewolf were very interconnected. There was no feud between them.., and in many areas, both were referred to as vukodlak .
    Also vampires were thought to be ugly, feral or quite mindless. They had a cadaver stench and most of the times they weren’t even corporeal. They had no problem going out in the sunlight. They also didn’t posses fangs, and usually bit the chest.
    This is merely an umbrella description, for the image of vampir – strigoi – moroi – pricolici – vukodlak deferred not only from area to area, but also from village to village.

    I was thinking…Romania acted as a shield against the turks, preventing Europe from speaking turkis today. My country had hard days, and that reflected on the appearance of the average villager. If vampires were beautiful and posh, as they are depicted today, while roaming the villages in search of victims, they would mostly find old women, wrinkled, who work in the field all day. That would be a turn off, I suppose.
    Also, serbian werewolves turn into vampires after they die. Thats about all I can remember at the moment.
    Best regards.

  85. ladyofspiders says:

    Thank you very much for the insightful infromation.

  86. Sydni says:

    Romnia is the home for vampires ( such in many folktales and movies. ) Although the movies are certainly not true and folktales have no such of true fact or true knowledge but the insignificent mind of imagination to scare one specimen or many more. People may take it seriously and take for grantede and sharing it to the world but have no knowledge that it really exists

  87. Wolfee says:

    Hey hi ho

  88. Dan says:

    I did not attempt any of these for none I believe work. But I warn you not to be so eager. There is a vast underground network of people who are “werewolves”. I know I am one. We originally came here during European colonization. As we traded with the Natives there were those who would end up missing eventually finding they were cursed to becoming “werewolves”. Read your history books but history was altered such as when Jamestown was ravaged and mist died. The Natives at one poi t controlled these werewolves until they became too many. Centuries pass generations have become smarter we can control our change. Yes it hurts it is nit worth the change in life. You cannot live normally any longer the thirst for fresh blood and meat is almost Luke a withdrawal from drugs and it is constant. Only good from it is our bloodlines run way back and have a great support system. If you ever became one you just don’t get into our society so then you are an outcast of not only humans but your own kind. You do not have to believe me and I much rather you did not for fear of my own safety. These ways for the most part do not work. The first time I morphed was, as usual in the thins if puberty I did not believe it were possible by all laws of nature. I will not get into specifics to protect my kind but most things change permanently. Example bone structure cannot perform like you see in the movies everyday. It takes as someone commented awhile to start an then again retract. It is more painful than anything you could imagine. Please stay the way you are. Many people you see all across the world that went missing aren’t missing in mist cases. They have either have fallen victim to one of our younger persons who hasn’t yet harnessed control. Or for that matter may be one of us and needs to relocate.

  89. William James Stokes says:

    All right, I’m going to start off like this. I’m British and so I might not be wanted here. If I’m not please just tell me straight, ok?
    I have some information some of you might want, but I’m debating whether to tell you or not…

  90. William James Stokes says:

    It involves someone who goes by three different names… Some call him Lucifer, some call him Lucifer, but me, I call him my Almighty Lord and Master.
    If you want any other details email me at:

  91. William James Stokes says:

    Sorry about that last comment.
    The second name should be Satan.
    Like I said, if you have any questions or want more details email me at:

  92. William James Stokes says:

    This is about the Black Mass.
    The different types of Black Mass are:
    Mockingly screaming “Beezelbub! Beezelbub!” instead of performing the holy consecrations.
    Wine that may be blood or urine drunk from a human skull.
    Celebrants naked beneath sleeveless vestements decorated in brilliant colours with subjects like a naked spreadeagled woman or a rampant bear or pig or goat.
    Sacremental wafers, filled with blood or semen, being burnt or stabbed.

  93. William James Stokes says:

    I can summon St. Lucifer. Email me to find out how at:

  94. kiva says:


  95. I simply want to tell you that I am very new to weblog and actually enjoyed you’re web-site. Very likely I’m planning to bookmark your blog . You amazingly come with great writings. Regards for sharing your blog.

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