Here I will keep a updated list of books I have read either fiction or non-fiction that inccoperate the themes discussed in my blog, I may include a brief review or synopis of the book as well.

Cold Kiss, By Roakanne Longstreet

I am not going to say too much about this one here, becasue I am planing on going into a more indepth discussion about in my blog.

Of course we cannot forget the ever popularized and cult faveorite Anne Rice and her Vampire Chronicals (need I say more)

Also I would recomend The Witches of Mayfaire series by Anne Rice

The Tourtuous Serpent by Donald Tyson is a fictional work about the famous occultist and alchemst John Dee, and his partner Edward Kelly. It was quite an intresting and well written book

100 Vicious Little Vampire Stories

This is a great collection of short vampire stories from all different authors, and what is really good about this book is the uniquness of many of the stories that really go above and beyond the sterotypical vampire

Servant of the Bones by Anne Rice

This is a rather intresting book and in light of my most recent post, it does make a reference to the Witch of Endor.

The Silver Wolf by Alice Borchardt

I am not going to say too much about this one, becasue I am going to write a more detailed post about it, but it was a very intresting and well done werewolf story.

Thirsty by M.T Anderson

A Young Adult book from a fabulous author of YA books. This is a remarkable, very entertaining and engaing read which I higly reccomend. A real quality vampire book in the YA genre. It offers so much more than just a vampire story. It gives a rather dark view into the look of human soceity and in a rather clever way uses the transformation into becoming a vampire as a sort of metaphor for the physcial changes and hormanal changes that all teenagers go through, making the protagnist of the story quite relatabel to the intended audience. At the same time the book as something to offer which all ages can enjoy.

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

An excellent and marvelous book that is a throw back to classical vampire stories and directly eludes to and draws from Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It views the myth and lore of Dracula from a histroical point of view with a supernatural twist in a scholarly hunt to uncover the truth and secrets about the original Dracula, Vlad the Impaler, who is still very much alive.

54 comments on “Books

  1. violet says:

    When I get my books published you have to list mine, bith vampire books. Once Awakened and Of Bloodkisses and Secrets

  2. ladyofspiders says:

    Well I usually only list mattieral I have read myself but you are invited to share your work here, and if I get the opperutnity to read your books then I will post them myself

  3. Lukas Axel says:

    Hmmm. You seem interested in vampire books. I am a 17 year old aspiring author and upon having my book published(hopefully) I would love for you to read it but I noticed you have listed Anne Rice novels and where as I have yet to read them I hear they are good so I was wondering if maybe you would look over my Preface(Only part Ive shared on my site and is currently out of date) and tell me if you like It. im trying to get a general Idea of what I need to fix to make it a successful vampire based novel. I love critisism and I would be honored if you would share your opinion with me. I will fave this page and check regurarly as well you could join my forum and tell me there either way is fine.


    Lukas Axel

  4. ladyofspiders says:

    Sure I will take a look at what you have so far and give you my opinion on what I think. I am always glad to help a fellow author, as I do some writing myself.

  5. Lukas Axel says:

    Thanks and if you need any information just IM me via aim scythexp is my name ^.^

    Thanks again,

    Lukas Axel

  6. scythexp says:

    It was dark I knew coming here was a mistake; I had finally come upon my undoing. Normally I’d run but with my sword keeping me pinned to a tree and a vampire in my midst I now realized it was my time. I came here to kill her out of a blind fury for what she had done to Carla. It had been only 4 months earlier that Carla and I left a restaurant and started to go to my car, we made it around the corner into the alley way. That’s when I realized what was about to happen and then before I knew it my fiancée was laying motionless on the ground with this monster hovering over her.
    I quickly gave a yelp of fury, anger and concern wishing this was a nightmare. With a piercing metallic noise I armed myself with my trusty dual swords. The moonlight flashed against my blades, matched only by the rage in my eyes. These swords are fairly common amongst us hunters. With swift brutality I charged at full speed towards my predator. With a flash she was behind me and knocked me to the ground. It was hard to keep up let along fight a vampire but it was my job. She disarmed me quickly and quietly as if I was just a joke a mere toy a rat in a cage. I turned to flee only to realize there was nowhere left to run.
    I glanced to my right and found a door and ducked in the warehouse devising a plan as I went along. I pressed a button and the wood chippers started moving. I ran up the stairs to the top of the machines to see she was waiting for me. I charged her and she braced herself thinking shed dismember me piece by piece and then she fell and I knew it was all but over. These memories flashed back to me as my killer approached and I knew it was over with my last breath I calmly provoked my predator “I’ve been waiting for this now c’mon beast!” and as she charged I lunged forward my sword snapping in half allowing me to fall and my second sword piercing her chest.
    I cut her into pieces and threw a match upon her body and fell back against the tree that I now accepted as my grave. I waited hoping Maria would appear even though I was sure she wouldn’t come there was no way she would even know where I was. I couldn’t help but want to see her face once more. I calmly waited for my life to vanish and I fell into a slumber a sleep I thought Id never wake up from the kind of sleep that you don’t want to wake from. And then it was over.
    I knew it was over, everything went black and I was nothing but a spirit wandering in the afterlife or so I thought. I let out a slight moan and finally gave up on my life. I knew Id saved many in killing all the vampires I had slaughtered and knew that I was only here because I had to avenge her death It was all for Renee but why I didn’t know. And then it dawned on me how much Maria cared. I then realized I had to live if not for myself for her for the world for my love.

    that should make it easier for you, I signed up ^.^ I guess this will be a unique way to also keep my fans informed.


    Lukas Axel A.k.a scythexp

  7. ladyofspiders says:

    I will e-mail you with my thoughts and suggestions as soon as I have been able to go over it all. So you don’t have to keep checking back here to see if I responded yet.

  8. scythexp says:

    Alright Lol its as if you have read my mind b/c I have been checking. I thank you for your time and your opinion. Well im going to read the rest of your wordpress blog entries and then Ill be waiting on that email.



  9. Micayla says:

    K just wanted to let people know that if you like romance (which I never liked) then you will absolutely Love the Stephenie Meyer Series(its a vampire romance), Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. There are more books from the series coming out as well as the first book is being made into a movie. It is an absolutely beautiful and enthrolling story that I didnt think I would like at all, but Im am entirely engulfed with the series, I couldnt put down any of the books. Google them, it may sound kinda corny due to the description of it, but it is so well written you dont even think that at all anymore. Hope you all get the chance to read it :)

  10. deineira says:

    Wow. I also love the Twilight Saga, they are the best books I have ever read. And that’s saying something.

    Anyhow, I also am an author (my work is in the process of being published), so when my books are published, would you read them?


  11. Shaitin says:

    Have you read ‘The Necrascope’ series by Brian Lumely. Puts an interesting twist on the vampire legend. It also provides a new variation on the creation of lycanthropes.

  12. ladyofspiders says:

    Sounds interesting

  13. Demon says:

    does any body know where I can buy compound of alcemy

  14. ladyofspiders says:

    If you cannot find it in a bookstore, you can get it from

  15. Demon says:

    can lady of siders please get more vampire info

  16. ladyofspiders says:

    Anything in particular you are looking to know?

  17. Demon says:

    how to become one…and stufs

  18. Demon says:

    its been like 6 days comon

  19. ladyofspiders says:

    To the best of my knoweledge it remains that the only way in which one can become a vampire is to be sired by another vampire. With vapirisim there are no real atlernitives

  20. Demon says:

    are you sure there isnt any fobiden alternitive thing

  21. Demon says:

    come on!

  22. Demon says:

    there has to be some thing

  23. ladyofspiders says:

    My best advice to you, is to find a vampire. In my research of the subject there has not yet reveleaved any other method.

  24. Demon says:

    are you sure

  25. ladyofspiders says:

    Yes I am sure

  26. apples says:

    sheos is goodser than roomser

  27. Demon says:


  28. Demon says:

    your pretty clever

  29. Alex Day says:

    Well, the Riley Jenson series (can’t remember the author…) is really good. Wereworlf vampire hybrid (hard to explain…) It’s a good series, it’s a bit of a romancey/smutty story, but it’s also got the adventure and a bit of mystery in it too

  30. Meghan says:

    Hi, i know this sounds really stupid but there are two series that i have read.

    One series are the Darren Shaun series, and i kindof liked then(well i own the whole series, so i must have liked them) and it’s a kindof new outlook on how vampires sire eachother, and how there aren’t very many of them, and how they think of themselves as another whole “population”.

    The second series are the Vampire Kisses books, they are a kindof teeny romancy books. As a Fan of Twilight and the rest of the Stephenie Meyer books, i really liked these even though they are not by her. They are a little sappy so i dont reccomend them for people who dont really like romancey books and are into what i like to call “The Hard Stuff” which is what i like to read more often then none.

  31. Can u check out my site iv got seveeral stories that have to do with vampires and several with werwolves or lycans whateve u wish to call them i kknow there are more names im 12 i wish to be an author win im older right now im just writeing short stories and my site isnt even done yet the stories im adding to but so far they r ok i hear but anyways check it out plz

  32. Alice says:

    Has anyone here heard of the Twilight Saga? Its a vampire romance with a bit of a twist. You have your own little mix of blood, vampires, werewolves, adventure, and juuuuuuuust a little romance. *grins* Okay, I take that back, not just a little romance. Anywayz, a vampire falls in love with a normal human and its all this big gory mess, blah blah blah. Thats all! Im done now!

  33. cal says:

    umm i read comics and manga books and me and my friends found one that was really good. It’s called vampire knight and not only does it got a really good plot, the artwork for it is also amazing. Amelia atwater rhodes also did a few good vampire books.. and anette curtis klause who wrote blood and chocolate did a vampire book called the silver kiss. I personaly thought it was great.yeah theres alot more and i could go on, but yeah…
    Twilight Rocks :)

  34. did u get a chance ot look at my site b4 srry im rly desperate i rly wanmt feedback i feel stupid but i rly love feedback so if you coulld…..i would love it …no pressuree….wowz i suck at spelling typiing fast on anew keyboard…oh and i luv vampire knight (watching) bloood+ is ok i luv vampire kisses series twiglight and ummmmmmm hers i cant rememebr the name of i luv anime bleach,inuyasha..and such soo ya….

  35. asmileofdarkness says:

    Suspicious is the word for the day!!!

    I was very suspicious after my mother smiled and said I WUV U! She also had a big coffin shaped box behind her. She took a sword out from behind her. I walked backwards slowly towards the door. My mom just laughed an evil laugh. I’m not your mother foolish child she said in a demonic voice. I felt something in my hand. I dared not look and take my eyes off the copy mom. I heard a whisper inside my head use it I had never heard the voice before but yet it sounded familiar. The world seemed to slow. The thing in my hand grew too be a blade. I stabbed outward at the thing that I had thought to be my mother only moments ago.

    NO! The thing shrieked as the blade hit its target the things heart. I watched the thing struggling on the floor. It was hissing at me suddenly I took the blade out and stabbed it in the head no doubt in my mind that it was not my mother. I held the blade in front of me pointed at the thing. I used my other hand to open the door behind me a backed out turned and ran as far as I know for my life.

    I wondered why the people weren’t staring at me since I was running with a blade. But I looked down and saw that it was no longer a blade but instead a ring with a dagger shaped carving. I looked back up only to find myself running into a flustered red headed boy. I ran into him we both fell to the ground the ring fell close by. Damn you he muttered. Then he looked up and blushed bright red. I’m sorry I didn’t mean you I mean I did but I uh err. His words were quick and nervous like. Oh is this your ring he said while picking it up and examining it. Oh yes it is I must’ve dropped it I’m sorry for running into you but I really need to be going now it was nice talking to you…. Charles Pierce he said. Vespara Knightly I replied and took the ring from his outstretched hand. I looked to see his face and gasped. The color of his eyes was yellow but it seemed like his eyes held flames the color seemed to be fire moving within. He smiled is something wrong? N-no but umm I really need to be going. I ran to my friend’s house your not going to believe me but I think a demon just attacked me I said once in her room out of hearing distance from my friend’s parents.

    this is one of mmy stories so far im continueing to write it gradually

  36. asmileofdarkness says:

    A werewolves story…part 1

    It’s nighttime I see a boy screaming I wonder who he is and where he’s come from. I’m up in a tree watching him. There’s a man with the boy telling him, you need to calm it will be over soon all over soon. The boy’s screams carry on throughout the night. The screams are starting to hurt my ears. We are away from town out in Smokesly Forest. It’s around midnight they have a small lantern in very very dimly lit. I drop down to investigate I land the softest of sounds. They haven’t spotted me…yet. The boy stops screaming and falls to the ground. The man is smiling halfheartedly. His teeth no way I think can he be I thought our kind destroyed them for good. The boy seems not to be moving but I can still sense his heart beating and hear his barest of breaths. “How long do you wish to stand there in the shadows?” the man says. “Err I uh I” reply intelligently as I step out towards him. “B-but you’re a vampire you should be extinct.” “ Well as I am not I don’t suppose you’d tell me what a young werewolf is doing out here at this time.” The vampire says. “How could you” I look down mid sentence and see my tail and blush. “Our kind should have killed you!” I say as the vampire laughs at my blushing. Its ok young one I know one of your older pack members we are good friends in fact dear wolf. “But they told us from the stories you were wait what were you doing to that boy!” I walk towards the boy and kneel down not taking my eyes off the vampire wondering if I should trust him or not. “It is normal for you to not be able to trust me dear wolf.” Damn him I think. “Ah but I am already damned aren’t I in your books and ancient scrolls they teach you of us as if a scary bedtime story.“What’s your name fangy?” “ My name is Archie.” I laugh slightly and the vampire looks puzzled. “Archie huh like the comic book” and then I laugh some more although I wish I hadn’t but I couldn’t stop.“ Stop young wolf sunrise arrives” “ oh no iv got to be home by sunrise”. “What have you done to the boy “ “ we shall speak tomorrow night wolf I must be going” with that him and the boy disappeared suddenly. “ Damned Archie.” I walk ‘home’ trying to make my tail go back away before sunrise. As usual I don’t succeed I’m still new at the whole werewolf thing and the elders say I must learn it myself its not to be taught. Figures! I get ‘home’ and go to my quarters. I take a shower clean my tail off it so hard to get dirt out of the fur. I shut off the water and realize someone is in the bathroom with me. I grab a towel from the pile. Wrap it around myself and look around the room. I see Lawrence and sigh relief. Just because its nothing you haven’t seen before doesn’t give you the right to come in here! He’s tended to my wounds before and seen quite a bit. Lawrence blushes deep red.” I didn’t I mean I…I’m sorry” Lawrence is a few years older then me. I’m fifteen soon to be sixteen.

    same here

  37. asmileofdarkness says:

    im only 12 i was 11 when i wrote these i still hope too be an author pplz plz give me feedback

  38. asmileofdarkness says:

    scythexp ur writing is awesome

  39. ladyofspiders says:

    I will take a look at them as soon as I am able

  40. ladyofspiders says:

    Not bad for a start, and writing is something which refrines itself with more practcve and time. The more you do it, the better you become.

    One thing I will say, in the first story there was a large portion if dialouge in the mniddle of the story which was not put into quotations. You should remember to use quotations when doing dialogue.

  41. thanks im still trying i rly dont want to give up writing …but whenever i review my own work i think it sux i hope i get better in time.

  42. im editing the stories now and adding more to them i only gave you someofmy work and my site isnt fullly updated either

  43. Euryale says:

    Hey Everybody… I was doing a research project for school about vampires and lycanthropes and I found this website…. and I must say I am so impressed with it! I finished the project three weeks ago and this site helped me a lot… although this is not the reason I am writing on the site… I am still reading all the articles on the website.. but so far I am so impressed with everything the spider lady has written!! I am so happy you have made this website… because I am sooo interested in these subject matters… like vampire… lycanthropes…etc… i think they are fascinating!! I also wanted to say… that I am looking forward to reading the books that have been listed here… I am a huge fan of the twilight series and am reading the fourth book right now… called Breaking Dawn… it is really awesome!! Another series that has to do with vampires is the Glass Houses… but this is more for a younger age range like 11-12 because it is not written very well…. And compared to the Twilight series it is very dull…. anyway… I also wanted to give some feedback to Hales…. or asmileofdarkness…. I read your stories… and I must say the ideas are very interesting.. but I think what you need to work on is your grammar and spelling…. your quotation and also how youdevelop the story and the charactesrs…. I would recommend you read a lot of the books that are described above… to maybe get a feeling of the style in those books.. and maybe you can use some of this in your writing.. anyway…
    I just want to thank you again spider lady for all the work you have done on this web site.. and I will probably sign up soon… because I want to read mroe of what you have to say..

    btw… Eurayle is a greek mythological figure mentioned a lot with her sister Medusa… and Stheno… she is immortal unlike Medusa… but also has living, venomous snakes as her hair… and her gaze… also like both of her sisters… can turn anyone into stone…

  44. ladyofspiders says:

    Thank you for your comments, and I am glad you enjoy.

  45. thanks for the feedback iv edited one of them more i think you’ll find it even more interestin now

  46. Brianna says:

    I have a (kinda) trilogy of some amazing vampire books. I’m the Vampire That’s Why, Because Your Vampire Said So, and Dont Talk Back to Your Vampire. Theres also another one apparently but I have yet to read it. Its called, Wait Til Your Vampire Gets Home. They are really amazing books that tell a funny, daring and sensual tale of single vampire mothers that have been recently Turned. I recommend these books to anyone who loves vampires.

  47. sounds cool ill have to look for those

  48. This isnt a vampire or werewolve series but it is still really good the maximum ride series

  49. Hi sorry havnt been here in a while iv been writing like crazy. I have a bunch of little ones and i added more to those stories ^,..,^ happy vamp :) lolz but i love this still and i keep writing forever and ever sorry once again love the work.

  50. 11-12 what’s that supposed to mean I’m 12 and I read alot more than twilight -,..,- and I did when I was 11

  51. new wewbsite more professional

  52. Hakiam says:

    I need help wit the tranceformation help

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