A Message to Readers

I am quite disheartened in being driven to have to make this statement, and though I do not know how much good it will do in the long run. If there is any chance it might help than it is worth a try.

I am growing rather wary of having to deal with the steady flow of moronic comments that  keep appearing upon my blog from which I can only assume come primarily from Twilight fans, not to say that all Twilight fans are moronic, but it has created a vampire craze among teenagers, and as many of us know a great deal of teenagers are indeed morons.

So to my intelligent readers, of whom are so rare but much appreciated, bear with me a moment, as I am rather disappointed to see that my blog is being so grossly and insultingly misinterpreted I want to set a few things straight for those whom just don’t get it.

Since it is clear by the nature of your comments that any form of subtly is lost upon you, I shall be as clear and precise as I can.

If you take anything written upon this blog literally, than you are an idiot.

This blog is a study of vampires, werewolves, and other such figures of myth and lore, from a historical, folkloric point of view. As well as a psychological look into these myths, and an analysis of how they appear within literature and other media forms.

Since it is also clear that some of you do not understand what Folklore is, let me explain it to you.

Folklore are the traditional stories, songs, customs, jokes, practices, beliefs, handed down orally from individual to individual.

To say it plainer and more simply, folklore is not fact, folklore is not meant to be taken as fact.

If I post something on this blog that I state comes from folklore, and you take it literally, you are an idiot.

Let me say very clearly. This is NOT. I shall repeat just to make sure we understand each other. NOT   a blog about actual ”real life” vampires and werewolves running around in the world today.

If you believe that the characters in Twilight, are real or if you think vampires as they are presented in Twilight actually exist or if you think you are going to turn into a vampire or a werewolf, than please.


Any comments posted on this blog, in any way  take this blogs content as being literal, will be deleted.

14 comments on “A Message to Readers

  1. Wolfess says:

    Very well put. Us Twilight fans can become moronic, but luckily there are the few that arn’t.

    And about the moronic teenagers, thats also true. Where I live it is mostly the guys that are moronic though, LOL.

    Oh I found your site on google images, when I was looking up pictures of Kitsunes. I just wanted to say well done. :)

  2. eloko says:

    Hi there,

    I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I enjoy your site. It’s refreshing. And, although possibly not the intended reaction, your message to readers put a smile on my face :)


  3. ladyofspiders says:

    Thank you I appericate that. It means I still do have some intelligent viewers out there that understand what I am really trying to do with this site.

  4. Fatalblissy says:

    It’s only to be expected of the little pests to come running here, as you do have a part that tells of how to attract vampires. And those 12 year old girls just really love their Edward Cullen, don’t they?

    The fact that there is actually serious people out there interested in what you are writing surprises me a little bit; the internet has been crowded with said twelve year old fans of Twilight lately and I have to look a very long while to try to find someone with decent grammar and a brain in their heads instead of daydreams of getting the life erotically sucked out of them.

    Now that I am done complaining, I want to thank you for taking time to write all this, it’s very interesting to read, I truly enjoy it. :)

  5. Lowis says:

    I appreciate what your saying about twilight fans. Not tying to be biased or anything. I am a twilight fan my self although i only realised this website while searching for Kitsunes. Most twilight fans are honestly sane. If people do believe this stuff is true they need to see a phychiatrist. I find this stuff interesting and am sorry to hear about physco teens:)

  6. Charlotte says:

    I would like to acquire some cutting edge information on lycanes, werewolves and vampires. I’m in the midst of a piece to be published either on ezine or in hard copy. Can you help?

  7. Nick Garcia says:

    xD i also agree twighlight fans can come off as moronic. I’ve tried to have conversations with such fans about lycanthropy…merly hypathetical, not litereialy, and it was infact very, very fustrateing.no offense to twighlight fans, just the select fwe who have no idea about lycanthropy

  8. Sydni says:

    Twilight fans are very monarchy and get full of nonsense from the injurious movie Twilight. I do not believe in vampires because of one specimen can not live with out blood. I know in this world we have cannibals that eat human to human, which is indifingly wrong. They I call vampires. Because they eat the human. The human they have eaten may not of come back to life and turn into his eater but yet have the sensation that he is dead and away. Although those human cannibals to not have fangs and no blood attached to their vains or any souls for that matter but yet no knowledge of what wrong he is doing for he does eat the blood of other people and will use that power against other people as a vampire may do to protect him or her self. So vampires do not exist but a certain vampire which would be a human cannibal

  9. jordan says:

    hey there miss lady spider. im doing an project on werewolves for my mythology class. and the first part is to find atleast 20 ways an person can “change” into an wolf. would you mind telling me all the ways you know?
    p.s. im no twilight fan. i just want an A on my projet. and you seem to alot about these..creatures. thank you

  10. ladyofspiders says:

    Here are a list of methods I know of

    1) Get bitten by a werewolf
    2) Drink water from a wolf’s paw-print.
    3) Drinking from a stream where three or more wolves
    have drunk from recently
    4) Wear a wolf-skin, a belt made of wolf-leather, or
    a cursed ring during full moon.
    5) Commit a sacrilege
    6) Hereditary
    7) Curse
    Drinking from a cursed stream
    9) Affixing a lycanthropus flower to your clothes
    10) Being born on a New Moon
    11) Being born on Christmas day
    12) Being born on Friday the 13th

  11. Edna-X! says:

    Twilight is a pain in the ass, don’t let it bother you! I, obviously, enjoy your website for what it is and also find mundane teenagers to be quite a nuisance as well.

    Please keep updating with more vampyre myths!!

    Enjoy the Night,

  12. Wolf A. Lycanthropey says:

    I am a twilight fan. But luckily, I can control my moronic impulses.

  13. Wolf A. Lycanthropey says:

    I am also a (future) werewolf I tried your method… it hasn’t taken affect… YET.

  14. ladyofspiders says:

    I do hope you mean that ironically.

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