Pazuzu is a demon of ancient Babylon, believed to have the feet of an eagle, the hands/paws of a lion, head of a dog, and tail of a scorpion with four wings. Half of his head is skinless exposing the skull to display a death like grimace.

It was believed that in demons brought pestilence within the scorching hot, and deadly winds of the Arabian desert, a place known for its wind storms, and with the great power which these winds have, it is no wonder that people could imagine some powerful and frightening entity being brought within the wind to bring terror to the people.

It was common for people to keep images of the demons in their windows facing outward, as a way to try and drive off the Pazuzu which came within the winds, in addition, they had a chance to act as an incantation against the demon:

They are seven! They are seven!
In the depths of the Ocean, they are seven!
In the heights of the heavens, they are seven.
They come from the Ocean depths, from the hidden retreat.
They are neither male nor female.
They have no spouse. They do not produce children.
They are strangers to benevolence,
They listen neither to prayer nor wishes.
Vermin come forth from the mountain,
enemies of the god Hea,
They are agents of vengeance of the gods,
raising up difficulties, obtaining power by violence.
The enemies! The enemies!
They are seven! They are seven! They are twice seven.
Spirit of the heavens, may they be conjured.
Spirit of the earth, may they be conjured.

The Pazuzu are demons which are devoid of any emotion or feeling, completely incapable of mercy, pity or sympathy, they have no sense of connection to human beings, and will spread death and disease without thought and can only be kept at bay if scared off by the frightening images of other demons.