Attracting a Vampire

The idea of acutally wanting to attrack vampires is a completely modern one, historicaly, back in the day, if anyone had expressped any interest in acutally wanting to find a vampire and for a purpose other than killing it, they would have been thought mad, or perhaps burned as a witch. And since it was once such an unfathomable idea, to want to try and make nice with the local blood-drinking immortal there are no folkoric traditions for how to go about attracting vampires, at least none known to me. As well I think it is only just perhaps, that sense this is such a newfounded idea, that one should use modern means in which to go about it, though some of the old methods repelling vampires can be tweeked or reveresed to have the oppisiste effect than there intended use.

 With that being said, here are my tips on how to attract the vampire of your dreams.

1. I have mentioned in a preivious post, the emergence of the Blood Doll, which to sum up, is a mortal who willingly gives themselves in the service of a vampire, and in which they offer thier own blood to a vampire to feast upon. If once is looking to make contact, perhpas a disceret add in a paper, online or other source, advertising your service as a Blood Doll, might get you the attention you are seeking.

2. There is no reason to think that Vampires would not benefit from the interenet the same as any other group out there. It would provide a safe way for them to form a community and some sort of companionship, as even immoratls must get lonely, particuarly after so many years of being forced in the shadows, made to hide who they really are, for fear of persecution. There are scads of chat rooms and forum boards decidcated to the discussion of vampires, perhaps if one started hunting around these sites, they just might make contact with the blood-drinking immortal of thier dreams.

But you may have to be patient and take time to earn thier trust, before they feel comftrable reavealing thier true nature to you.

3. As we all know the basic ways in which vampires are repelled, you should make your home, vampire friendly, and remove all such offending objects. Throw out any garlic, wooden stakes, bibles, holy water, crossess, and silver you might have lying around the place.

4. There are some myths that say a vampire cannot enter a window or a door unless they are invited, so perhaps you could get a nice little wooden sign to hang up outside somewhere that says, “Vampires Weclome”

5. I previously posted an article on “How to Spot a Vampire”

You may want to reveiwe these techniques to see if there are any vampires near you, to use as a means, instead of avioding them, but rather to feel free to introduce yourself.

I wish you happy hunting and may you find the right vampire for you.

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19 comments on “Attracting a Vampire

  1. phyreblade says:

    It’s interesting how many people tend to be attracted to that which could possibly be fatal to them…

    But I guess there are also those who are simply attracted to power. Most of the more contemporary vampire literature seem to indicate more of the latter. Like a moth to the flame…

    I suppose it’s no different than being an adrenaline junkie… The riskier the maneuver, the greater the rush… ;)

  2. ladyofspiders says:

    There is also the shift in the vampire itself, which I have written of, a lot of more modern vampire particuarly in books, but starting to trickle into other sources, have perfected thier feeding methods so they do not have to kill, and becasue it was probably a lot easier to ditch a body in the 18th Century than it is now, it is beneficial for them to feed without rampid killing.

  3. phyreblade says:

    Good point. So I guess there is a more convenient symbiotic paradigm shift with contemporary vampirism. The vampires get a safe continuous food supply, and the Blood Dolls get whatever it is that particular blood doll gets out of the experience.

    I suppose that even though a blood doll could be relatively certain they would not be killed, they could still get an emotional high from the relationship, or even from simply knowing that something that powerful needs them in order to survive…

    Humans are interesting creatures…

  4. ladyofspiders says:

    Hehe yes that is true, but of course we cannot leave out the pure erroticisim behind it. As often the feeding experince is descirbed as being orgasmic and for those S&M types it might put a new angle on it.

  5. sid says:

    again this is crap.

  6. ladyofspiders says:

    I see that irony and humur allude you

  7. amanda says:

    omg i want to do that blood doll thing but i want just to meet a vampire, and probably fall in love with one not actually give up blood until i trust him. bleh.

  8. jacob kimmick says:

    thats intresting herm. i have allways beeen atracted to vampires not sexually but mentlally lol.. since i was a kid just something about them hrm. i remeber wearing plaistic fangs to school and at home acting like on so much i have learnd well cool thx i guess

  9. rachel says:

    every night i have dreams about vampiers if not every night its every other night. im ubsessed with the vampire diaries. im not a nut job but i do believe that vampires exsist. meeting one would make my life

  10. michael says:

    i am inviteing a vampire come and say hello

  11. Nicole says:

    Jacob i did the same thing when i was little its amazing :) i want o become 1 so maybe i will try the blood doll thng

  12. Ben says:

    Hello Michael

  13. Kendra A. Darby says:

    Not sure if I really wish to be a blood doll at my age but I would love to meet and learn from a vampire.

  14. kyle says:

    if it is possible i would love to be turned into one and get away from this ordinary life for somthing more exciting where time and money have no effect

  15. Angellea Pierce says:

    sorry im confused what the heck is a blood doll?

  16. ladyofspiders says:

    A blood doll is a person who consensually agrees to allow vampires to drink their blood. And in many cases this become the servant/slave of said particular vampire who will use them as a blood supply.

  17. Blackcastor says:

    It’s kind of intresting. Ever since i could remember, i would have dreams of vampires. I had never watched any vampire movies in my life. and there i go looking through my moms jewlery and i find a little ring that belonged to my grandma that has a pentagram on it. i think its weird but i still connot find the connection to vampires an demonic beings (not going to say devil or hades people have there belifs) but someday i will find it.

  18. thats odd…me2,,,as well as to many near death aCCIDENTS,,,dreams n off wall cravens n dreams n has always been night owl to wanna run n drift thrub air and alot of outter body bs n capabillity of controlling my dreams and most the time im being hunted by demon slayers…have brought whombs back from dreams that only happpened in dreams and idk…need answears…

  19. unknown says:

    hey there,
    i only want to know if they realy exists,
    if seen realy un explainable things in my life,and now i want to need to know if there is more out there,
    so im researching vampires,
    i meen why be scared of something like that,
    there so many movies where they make vampires there own way, i want to know how they realy are if they do exist,not people who think theyr vampires but the real thing.

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