Mark of the Devil

In several of my posts made about witchcraft and particualy witch hunting, there have been references to the so called witch’s mark or Devil’s Mark, and so I thought I would go into a little more detail about what this so called Devil’s Mark is. In fact it can be several different things.

First of all it has got its name, becasue it was belived that the Devil’s Mark was a brand of sorts that the Devil placed upon an intitate, a witch. It was said the mark was either clawed into the skin, or some said came from the Devil licking the skin.

By this account the Devil’s Mark could be any sort of birth mark, mole, wart, callous, or any other marking upon the body found in what would be considered a hidden place. Somewhere not readily aviable to the naked eye. Such places might include under the arms in the armbits, or upon an eyelid and so forth.

Though there have come to be varrious other alleged signs of a witch. Some of the more popular ones, other then the Devil’s Mark, would be to be born with an extra finger or toe. It is a realtive common abnormality of sometimes have six fingers, on one hand, or six toes on one foot. In the time of the wtich hunts this would be considered a sign of a wtich or a sign of the devil. Becasue it was an unatural thing.

Also to be born left-handed for a long time had been considered to be associated with evil, this comes from the frequence in biblical art, for heaven, and the saints and the angles to be shown as being on the right side of God, or Jesus, while hell, sinners, and the devil, would be painted on the left side.

How this very first came about, I can only assume is related to the interpitation of the word right in itself. That being that right as the direction, or righ-handed, is spelled just the same way as right, as in goodness, right from wrong, rightouness and so forth.

Another possible indication of a witch might be to be born with mis-matched eyes, for example one whom had one blue eye, and one green eye.

And well it was quite common, for anyone born with any sort of abnormality, defect, disablity, and so forth, back in the day, to be seen as being cursed in someway. And to be thought to be the devils spawn, or that some wicked thing entered the mother during the time of conception, and varrious other supersitions.

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  1. sherrysoule says:

    interesting stuff

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