How To Become A Werewolf

 Here are some classical as well as some not so classical ways of becoming a werewolf. Some you have heard before, and have been mentioned before, others may be new, and some are somewhat more modernized methods.

Classical Methods

1) Get bitten by a werewolf
2) Drink water from a wolf’s paw-print.
3) Drinking from a stream where three or more wolves
   have drunk from recently
4) Wear a wolf-skin, a belt made of wolf-leather, or
   a cursed ring during full moon.
5) Commit a sacrilege
6) Hereditary
7) Curse
8) Drinking from a cursed stream
9) Affixing a lycanthropus flower to your clothes
10) Being born on a New Moon
11) Being born on Christmas day
12) Being born on Friday the 13th


This can work with other things as well as achiving status as a master or mistress of the night. The idea is quite simple really, compact your goal into a single clear secntence, for our case here it would be something to the tune of “I will become a werewolf” or “I will be a lycan” you get the picture. 

Now once a day you are to write the secentence down 15 times, you do not have to do it at once, that is you do not have to write all 15 in one sitting, as long as throughout the period of the day you have written 15 times.  Continue to do this untill you have reached your goal, it should happen in 2 or 3 months, but if by month 6 you still are not walking around on all fours at the full moon, that odds are it is not going to work.

Light Magic

Part 1
The first part is more of a preparation. The idea behind this is that you get to posess your own body. For this method to work, posessing and accepting your current body is required in order to start a change.Get a mirror (big enough so that you can comfortably view your head) into your room. Wait until the sun’s gone. Sunlight might destroy the magick in it’s early stages, however it will get stronger over time. Make enough artificial light for you to see yourself in the mirror. Now sit comfortably and watch your face in the mirror, capture as many details as possible. Trace the contours of the eyes, nose, ears etc. Pay special attention to the eyes, notice their humanity. IMPORTANT: Try to forget about your wish to become a wolf (or something else). Think about as a preparation prior to transformation, but do not commit yourself to a specific form. You don’t have to do this for long, but do it concentrated and seriously. Feel your body (I mean the real body and NOT the one in the mirror!), accept it, *possess* it. View yourself as human not as wolf (or whatever), be it repulsive or not. Your body will then be able to collect certain energies. Maybe your dreams will change, maybe not. Repeat this for 3 to 5 days, on the same time of day if possible. Switch to Part 2 when you thing you’re ready.
Part 2

Return the mirror to where it belongs, you don’t need it anymore. In Part one, you’ve seen yourself as human. Now you won’t see yourself anymore because you’ll concentrate on the being you want to become.




Sit down, relax and imagine the wolf (or whatever). Try to imagine the wolf as detailed as possible. He or she should look the same everytime, so imagine you personal superduper-favourite wolf. Let him run through forests, over hills, etc. The wolf should get more and more detailed every time you do it. But DON’T “summon” the wolf, DON’T see him as some kind of imaginary friend. Ever watched one of those BBC-documentations? It should look just like that, watch the details of your imaginary creature. After some days of this, try to imagine the smells of your imagination. It’s much like if you see a hamburger on TV and could almost smell/taste it. The same applies here. And after another few days try to feel his fur. Don’t try to rush things because it would lead to disappointment.
Repeat for approx. 1-2 weeks.



Part 3
Well, the last part really isn’t that spectacular: Just continue to imagine the wolf running through the forest (or whatever you want him to do) but now give him your name. It can be your real name, or any other name you’re identifying with. Sounds odd, I know. While you continue to watch him just keep in mind that his name is the same as yours. If your name is Jarod, the wolf’s name is also Jarod.



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129 comments on “How To Become A Werewolf

  1. Un spoken says:

    Has anyone every tried it or seen it work?

  2. Vampyr Kitten says:

    so say if this was to work – and i wanted to do it to become a vampire – would i still need to wrap wolfskin around me? or does it not matter? just curious, i might give it a go out of sheer curiousity.

  3. Chris says:


    The painting is by Boris Vallejo, by the way.

  4. ladyofspiders says:

    I know that Affirmation has been used and worked for other things, to my knowlege it has not yet been tried and worked for turning one to a werewolf thus far.

    If you wanted to become a vampire, then the medthod would do little good becasue it is spcecific to werewolves. To the best of my knowlege and research one does not become a vampire through magic or the foce of thier will.

    Thank you Chris for the pic info.

  5. atrum lupus says:

    wonder where they got that from then? no matter needless to say it wont work only a way of cursing works with certainty

  6. miike says:

    i bought some werewolf pee off of it safe to drink?

  7. Flapjack says:

    Not only is it NOT safe to drink, it probably wouldn’t turn u into a werewolf anyways…

    … Wait, WEREwolf pee? It could be ANYONE’s pee! You can’t really trust anyone on ebay tbh. :/

    Sorry, I Don’t think so…

  8. platzy says:

    ive wanted to become a werewolf for a couple years now , but before i try any of these methods, does anyone kno if they work for sure?

  9. No offense to the creator of the site, but there are some major things left out. First is that if you lay in a open feild with your face to the full moon at midnight on a friday, you supposedly turn into a werewolf. also there are other things, but I don’t have much time or patience for this. With that fault out of the way, I have to say that your site is the most accurate out of the ones I have seen.

  10. Tazakuro Fujiwara says:

    has anyone ever proved that this works? if so i shall be trying it shortly :P

  11. ladyofspiders says:

    No, none of it is proven.

  12. some guy says:

    I’ve tried it b4, and i’ll just say everything has changed since then. . .

  13. Bob says:

    I’m sorry to inform you all but becoming a werewolf is impossible to the upmost degree as it defeys all laws of nature.
    1)A metamorphisis of that sort would take several days to complete and changing back likewise.
    2)Extreme agony would occur everytime
    3)The hair would not be able to grow that quickly
    I will continue to believe this until I am proven wrong by either
    A)Seeing a werewolf
    B)somehow being turned into a werewolf
    My my my the things I find on google.

  14. Cougarfang says:

    I’ve always wanted to be a werewolf. I have dreampt about being one many times already, always the same looking. Hey, maybe I am one! Oh, well, even if I’m not, I’ll test these ways.

  15. Will Landreville says:

    I’ve wanted to be a werewolf since i was little, i know it’s impossible, but it’d be badass. I think I’ll turn this peotry into a song for my band. Ironically, were named WolfSong: Lullaby for the Damned.

  16. gabe says:

    daaaang……… i never thought so many other people actually wanted to become werewolves. i agree with will, it would be awesome, but i don’t entertain the notion that killing/ cursing someone else is very cool.

  17. Hawkflight says:

    I’ve only tried the light magick method.
    And it is not that bad my sencses have been hightened a bit not as good as a werewolf’s though(far from it still actually). I seem to have been able to do it corectly 2 times atleast.
    I would recomend it.

  18. Kinner says:

    I am amazed about how many people wish to become werewolves… To have dreamed of wolves and wish to be one, is an Native American Superstition I have heard, once I am older will try some of the more complex methods, I feel sorry for the Kitty that has to be smeared on my chest. To all of you who wish to become one good luck.

    And you “Mister Laws of Nature” all laws have exceptions and of course it will be painful, but it would be worth it to severe ties to humanity even if for only a few hours. If it doesn’t work oh well, I will go on, and study animals in their enviorment.

  19. Dash says:

    Everyone should actually look into psychology,the affirmation method is very similar to methods they use to improve ppls lives,its like one of those life building things,same exercise.fortunately it does work some what,but we dont jump up and burst into fur wit giant fangs.if u focus on something hard enough u believ you’re it,your mind and body will react and act on it,increased senses,abilitys,etc.even in some cases a kind of all lies within the mind.
    Anything is possible :)

  20. Dash says:

    Oh and lycanthropy is actually a noted mental sickness,or well in my case…a state of being.

  21. 666 says:

    i can only say, that it works. i did the last one, and i actually became a wolf! it was actually verry coll, but… it has consequences

  22. somone says:

    I don’t care what anyone think I did the mirror thing during 5th right at my puperty and I got to say.. I notice I got more violent, sharper teeth, and my eyes changed.. I would of gone further but it scared me s***less.

  23. mr. none of your buisiness says:

    if i become a werewolf, will it hurt? if it hurts how do i cure from being a werewolf

  24. SoNhUe says:

    this will not work the easiest way i just to leave this since im a wolf my life is a curse don try it plz …

  25. elisa says:

    There is no cure for lycanthropy…
    p.s I was turned against my will…

  26. darkaner says:

    why would you cure lycanthropy? it is a gift. the power flowing through you on at night. running thruogh the woods senses alive. the thrill of the hunt. the taste of blood in your mouth as you take down your prey.
    the power coursing through you.
    the peace knowing that humans are no longer corrupting you.
    you are trulley free. a child of the moon in her loving embrace.
    note the moon dosent effect the change you change at night fall period.
    the moon if just the symball of wolfs and werewolfes.
    to be free of humanity.
    a gift indeed

  27. jay says:

    i too have wanted to be a were wolf since i was eight. and now eight years later i tried the mirror method and it has worked so far. its not like i can go out and change into a wolf (yet)but i have gained heightend senses. this helped me a lot.

  28. John says:

    in the light magic method, once you give the wolf your name, do you have to repeat the process and go back to the mirror? Or do you just keep visualizing the wolf with your name?

  29. Akua says:

    Where do you get the substances for the last one?

  30. Trench says:

    fuck all the magic/magick bull shit, its a logical, you most likely wont become a werewolf like in the movies, nine feet tall, tail, a snout… you senses will probably be the first to chang, if you concentrate on your hearing, you hear better… like if youre eves dropping on someone. same idea with all your senses, do like over a few weeks and itll become natural, other changes are harded because you cant control them the same way… but you can, without a doubt, become taller… probably not drastically, unless your in puberty in which case thats to be expected. become stronger, even if your muscles dont grow that much they will begin to contract more with less effort, like a tiny dose of adrenaline. even your nails will become thicker and your teeth longer or more specialized. you may become more defined even without exercise… this will work for basically anything, if you trully believe you are sick and you know the symptoms your body will make you sick, your body may even kill you. concentrate on the changes you want and make them the changes you need, if you believe you need them then your bady will do anything it can to give you them… its probably a survival technique. but there are other theories on it, like the power of the mind theory or the string theory, several believe thoughts control everything… that thats all we are because atoms are made of neutrons electrons and protons, those are made up of quarts, quarts are made up of strings, strings are made up of energy, energy is made up of particals, and so on, and so on… and the only thing that is consistent in all of this is space…. is NOTHING. the nothingness between the atoms, the nothingness between the quarts, the nothingness between the strings… well we cant very well be made up of nothing can we??? so whats left..? thought. and if thats true then thought can change everything, because thought is everything. that said lets get back to the main idea: before we demesticated everything and all but broke ourselves off of the food chain our body needed different things depending on our environment but at the same time was adapted to near every environment. it was prepared for cold, heat, humidity, drought, famine. it had different defences for everything and it was prepared to defend itself even at rest… I.E. sleepwalking. sleep deprivation meant there was something that needed to be done and was obviously important… environmental change meant migration or death, or there was a predator nearby… it up and walked away while asleep to keep on the move. the brain is never at a complete rest. anyway it was important to adapt to the environment, if something physically happened to call for say longer teeth or thicker nails, leaner muscle tissue, or increased height and heightened senses… JUST AS AN EXAMPLE. then it would do everything it could to make those changes… you mix that with the thought is everything idea and you have just turned yourself into a werewolf…


  31. mads says:

    if this really works then the person that wrote it must be a wearwolf then

  32. harku chan says:

    is it posible that it can turn you into a vampire??? or anything else such as fairy

  33. mads says:

    if it can tur you into a wearwolf can it change into my wolf it’s black with a white strip down its back half of it’s tail is grey and it’s paws are gold can it do that and one more thing the one about writing down i am a wearwolf what if like after a month you turn into a wolf??????

  34. harku chan says:

    the writing spell what if you write i am a vampire or fairy will it still work????

  35. ladyofspiders says:

    No you cannot turn yourself into a vampire, or a fairy.

  36. harku chan says:

    what consequnces??????

  37. harku chan says:

    o but how do you know have you tried

  38. mads says:

    i have a question lady of spiders

  39. ladyofspiders says:

    I know you cannot turn into a fairy becasue a fairy is a non-human entity. Werewolves are essentially just human beings with the ablity to shape-shift. Werewolves are born first as human. Fairies were never human, thus a human being cannot become an eteral being. Besides faires were born faires, there is no transformation process, werewolves are “made” faires are not, they are in thier natural state.

  40. ladyofspiders says:

    What is it mads?

  41. mads says:

    what kinda consequnces happen will you hurt your family or do something worse
    please tell me i wish to know *bow* i even bow in your respect

  42. harku chan says:

    what about vampires

  43. ladyofspiders says:

    No, true acutal werewolves are known as other kin in this day and age, and they do not in acutality and reality take on the physical shape of a wolf. That is myth and folklore. Real-life werewolves might have certain more animilistic traits, sharper senses, and things of that nature, but they are in complete control of thier own actions. Just like with any there are some that are good and some there are not, but it is by the choice of thier own free will, a genuine werewolf is not acutally going to go on some sort of unconrollable killing spree.

  44. ladyofspiders says:

    No it will not work with vampires, because there is a difference between vampires and werewolves and the transformation process between the two. Becasue I do get asked this question a lot I have planed an article to write explaining the differences and why one cannot be transformed into a vampire, the way they can a werewolf.

  45. mads says:

    i have another question i have been walking o my 4s for o i don’t know a year and yesterday i had i dream i talked to the moon spirt and say a wolf it was like balcksh grey and brown it bit me and i turned into a wolf was that just normal or does it mean i’m turning into one???

  46. ladyofspiders says:

    I will be highly surprsied if you acutally physically turned into a wolf.

  47. mads says:

    i read a thing about the signs it says if you skin is changeing colors and i sorta am and i didn’t go outside you smell like hay pale skin a mark but i don’t have the mark is that still meaning that i am one ????

  48. harku chan says:

    wich method works the best the writing or the mirror and what is the youngest age that it whould be safe to use

  49. mads says:

    o and i like howling at the moon

  50. mads says:

    what does that mean i just feel so deffrient my senses are sharper and i’m geting pian like i am changing phisycle

  51. mads says:

    srry for all the questions

  52. mads says:

    and my dogs have been liking me better

  53. ladyofspiders says:

    If you were turning into a werewolf your dogs would have an adverse reaction to you. Dogs and wolves acutally do not like each other.

  54. haruka says:

    mads you dont all of a sudden turn. you have to go throught the proper channels. fyi , if your getting hair all over it called puberty

  55. mads says:

    haruka your just a non-beliver

  56. haruka says:

    ya i am so what

  57. haruka says:

    i think warewolves are just kids going through pubrity

  58. mads says:

    but still i like to howl at the moon and run around on all 4s when i go up the stiars i feel like a acutal wolf i can somtimes run faster then my dogs and sometimes on the ground to

  59. ladyofspiders says:

    You do realize that wolves do not actually howl at the moon dont you? That they use howling as a way to communicate to each other, they don’t just stare as the moon and howl at it for no reason.

  60. mads says:

    but still if i do change into a wearwolf when will i know for sure

  61. mads says:

    ty ty ty ty i know now that i’m probly not changing into a wearwolf and i will try one of your methodes and ty agian

  62. mads says:

    talk to you tommarow byes

  63. mads says:

    hi i’m back my dogs have been acting weird the have been like scared of me and the keep barking but as i get up they get quiet it’s weird

  64. mads says:

    i have a question will this spell work take black candals but them on a trey and chant this
    Spirts of the deep who never sleep be kind to me
    spirts of the grave without a soul to save be kind to me
    spirts of the trees that grow upon the leas be kind to me
    spirts of the air foul and black, not fair be kind to me
    water spirts hateful to ships and bathers fateful be kind to me
    spirts of earthbound dead that glide with noiseless tread be kind to me
    spirts of heat and fire destructive in your ire be kind to me
    spirts of cold and ice patrons of crime ans vice be kind to me
    wolves vampires satyrs ghoust! elect of all the devlish host!
    i prey you send hither send hither send hither
    the great grex shape that makes me shiver shiver shiver shiver come come come
    come spirt so powerful come great unknown come from thy dwelling so gloomy

  65. ladyofspiders says:

    Work for what exzactly? Just what is it that the spell is intended to do?

  66. mads says:

    it continues
    and lone come i beseech thee depart from thy lair and body and soul shall be thire i declare
    hast hast hast horried splot haste speed speed speed scaring spirt speed fast fast fast fatful spirt fast i offer to thee great spirt of thee unknown this night my body soul on the condition that thou grantest me from this night to the hour of my death the power of metamorphosing nocturnally into a wolf . i beg i prey i implore thee
    thee unparalleled phantom of darkness to make me a werewolf a werewolf
    make me a werewolf!make me a man eater
    make me a werewolf!make me a women eater
    make me a werewolf!make me a child eater
    i pine for blood human blood
    give it me! give it me tonight
    great wolf spirt give it me and heart body and soul i am yours
    tis night tis night and the moon shines white over pine and snow capped hill the shawdows stray through burn and brea and dancein the sparkling rill
    tis night tis night and the devils light casts glimmering beams around the maras dance the nisses prance on the flower en malled ground t
    tis night tis night and werewols might makes men and nature shiver yet it’s fierce nought th the oh river river river river oh water strong that swirls along i pri thee a werewolf soul i swear in death shall not forsake thee

  67. mads says:

    is this a good way to become a werewolf

  68. ladyofspiders says:

    If you exepect to be physcially turned into a wolf, that is not going to happen

  69. mads says:

    thank you but i said about 4 times and my dreams have changed like i turned into a wolf and i was running threw hills and over streams and just ever were

  70. mads says:

    does drinking out of a difrent paw print like a cyote or fox or somthing do anything like turn you into a werefox or werecyote or does that even excist

  71. ladyofspiders says:

    The Navajo have what is known was Yenaldlooshi, which can take the form of a coyote

  72. mads says:

    cool but can you turn into one of those yenaldlooshi and how can you turn into one

  73. ladyofspiders says:

    You have to be a skinwalker to do that, and you cannot turn into a skinwalker, either you are one or you are not one.

  74. Woflie says:

    Well I’d like to introduce something to you people that some of you might not know of. I am a wolf Therian and sofar that’s the closest thing to a werewolf I’ve seen but I still believe it’s possible to become shapeshifting were. And now I’m going to be called crazy for being a Therian so I’m wondering why I even bother. xD Well anyway… if anyone finds a way to physically change I’m all for it. Feel free to e-mail me with questions or a method that works.

  75. mads says:

    cool you are a wolf therian that is so awsome but still whould a were spell work better or a phisycel thing work better

  76. mads says:

    are there any evadince that any werespells and such work and are there any werewolves in the U.S.A

  77. mads says:

    but is there any other animals other than a werewolf or a yenaldlooshi like a wereshark or lion or tiger or anything else

  78. Trench says:

    well just like you can change youre physical form you can change your mental… if you believe that you need claws and everything… as i previously stated… than youre brain may think that the reason you need this is because survival is harder to acomplish.. if thats true… or if your brain thinks thats true than you could become paranoid or skitsophrnic. you most likely will not kill your family or something extreme like that. but you can change your brain for the better… or the worse. im not going into as much detail because i havent slept in four days but what ever…


  79. Trench says:

    people ask if you can change into a different were-animal… from the view most of the others are going from… the spells and magick and drinking from cursed waters and all that… probably not, those are very specific lors and for the most part can not be varied from there origins.

    from the point of view that im going from… more logical, or scientific… yes, you could become a vampire by believing you need a tremendous amount of iron in your system… and longer teeth… and all that bull shit…

    probably wont be able to be as strong as the ones in the movies… almost certainly not goin to be able to fly… you may be able to become more bat-like. walking on walls and turning into mist are also incredably unlikely…


  80. mads says:

    thanks that really helped but i don’t think vampiers are in my case but still thanks

  81. Woflie says:

    hmm well therianthropy isn’t all fun trust me xD I’m new to it so probably not the best one to be talking about it but seeing i’m the only therian here i guess i’ll hafta make do. I’ve heard stories of some pretty embarrassing stuff that therians go through. Mental shift in public would NOT be fun. And keeping it hidden from parents is a pain in the neck. If you have questions e-mail me or go here, my favorite quote from there would definitely be “Therianthropy and crazy Christians do not mix.” lol my dad is a crazy christian. I’m christian but not crazy xD considering I just discovered my therianthropy i’ve really only had one tnerian-related dream and it wasn’t a shift, but it was pretty cool xD And don’t people realize supposed scientific “laws” are broken all the time? I’m still searching for a way to shapeshift because although I’m a wolf, there are not therian p-shifts that have been proven. Therianthropy is mostly a mental and spiritual thing and the the closest thing to shifts i’ve heard about from therians is a temporary change of eye-color. I hope this helps and i’ll keep checking here. Like i said feel free to e-mail or message me on yahoo

  82. Woflie says:

    and as an additional fact i have a friend on the computer who is a vaderian, basically a werecat and says it’s basically a blackout and she doesn’t remember much.

  83. None says:

    I know real ones. You can’t turn into one by this. It’s impossible. Your mind would never be ready. I know many people never believe me when I say I know some but hey Its my secret to know.

  84. Woflie says:

    I wonder… If I’m already a therian wouldn’t that make my mind more ready?

    And I don’t doubt you know real ones.

  85. mads says:

    thanks guys this really helps :)

  86. mads says:

    i want to become a werewolf so bad this helps me decide

  87. Woflie says:

    hehe well i have someone who knows magick helping me. Not to mention a werewolf because of his family. So i’m sure i’ll eventually manage a physical shift one way or another. I’ll let you guys know

  88. M>- C@l-l says:

    Ok, heres the deal. I belive in the whole pastlife idea, right. And i went to a psyhcic about it. She did her magic andwhen she started the cards, EVERYTHING she got was directly connected to wolves. Also, as far as i can remeber, ALL of my dreams have been about wolves. SO, I think in my past life i was either a wolf or a werewolf. I want to become a wolf. WHat do you people recomend?

  89. M>- C@l-l says:

    I wanna be a wolf!

  90. Axl says:

    Wolfie, Why dont you just have your werewolf friend bite you?

  91. Axl says:

    A Werewolf has complete control over himself/Herself when in wolf form. So I think it probably works for other shapeshifters as well.

  92. Woflie says:

    Axi i’ve done a lot of research into werewolves and most agree the biting thing would most likely not work as the saliva probably wouldn’t contain enough DNA, it would most likely take a blood injection or something similar to that to work and besides he lives far away.

  93. Vincent says:

    I am one.

    See my book ‘The Wolf Chronicles by Vincent A Kennard. My history in 690 pages. Check out Amazon if you’re interested. I’m writing one more.

  94. Sile says:

    I am highly interested in becoming a werewolf, I am most certainly going to try all of these methods. Heh, I even attempted to sell my soul to the devil, but to no avail. if any of you have any more ideas can you post them?

  95. Woflie says:

    Trust me, I’ll figure it out. I have several friends helping me. I’ve got a half-vampire, half-were friend helping (wow he’s PALE!), someone with were blood that had a partial shift brought on by a ritual his friend did. And a few other people.

  96. Musica says:


    1. If you have premonitions (Visions such as psychic abilities and such), would you be able to have an easier transformation?

    2. If you have premonitions of Becoming the werewolf, then will so occur?

    I have had premonitions in the past, and this one was shocking me, I was a werewolf, so I decided to look into it…

  97. Wolfie says:

    1. I doubt it.
    2. Might mean something. Possible you have a werewolf bloodline? Well if you figure it out e-mail me please.

  98. Sile says:

    My first interests were to vampires, but has shifted to werewolves. I have spent the better half of three long years trying to become one and I’m only 16.

    Oh, and would any of you happen to know how to summon St. Lucifer in human form? Little trouble on my end.

  99. hayn says:

    okay question, is there anyone here that knows for sure how to become a werewolf/lycan? for some reason recently ive been getting really into lycans and all that, and its come to the point were id like to know how its possible to become one…

  100. Wolfie says:

    I don’t think anyone knows for sure but I’m always searching.

  101. WhiteRose says:

    Okay…I’m going to start from teh beginning. I have been facinated by all fantasy creatures, and have been searching for a way to become either one. My favorite is the werewolf…They intrigue me, and I would love to find a real existing one. i have read every comment on this page, and it seems as though most of you believe that you can’t take physical form. I wish to know more. My email is: Feel free to email me with any answers. I will try anything that’s possible to an extent. I have researched for many years, but I have not found a single hint of actually becoming one…This is a far-fetched dream of mine, but I have wanted this since I was a mere child…If anyone has any answers, I will trully love for you to contact me. The desire is growing rapidly, and I want it more and more with each passing day. If you can help, feel free to talk with me. Thank you for your time.

  102. Wolfie says:

    haha whiterose sumemd it up for me. that’s exactly how i feel

  103. WhiteRose says:

    Exactly. Everyone seems to think its impossible to take the physical form of a wolf. Is it? and if anyone knows, can they teach me how? My search never ends… *sighs* Sometimes, it gets so aggrivating, but someone has to know that specific answer.

  104. ladyofspiders says:

    Well the problem is poeple do not like the answer. The simple fact is, that one is not going to physically transform into a wolf. But you try and tell someone that, and they are not going to belive you becasue they don’t want to.

  105. Wolfie says:

    not only that but they fear getting too much attention and ruining their secret i’m sure. I’ve found so much information but still no definite answer. It’s a long search.

  106. WhiteRose says:

    It’s a never ending search. There are many facts simply stating you cannot change your human form, but there are others disagreeing. The truth is out there, and the only way you’ll find it is to keep searching. Who knows? You could be surprised with your results.

  107. ladyofspiders says:

    You will never find the turth if the truth is indeed the answer you simply are unwilling to ever accept.

  108. WhiteRose says:

    How can you be so certain? Have you ever witnessed the truth? Or are you just convincing yourself there is no possible way, to protect the people from knowing? People are going to have thier own opinions, and We accept what we believe. Seeing is believeing. We’ll never know, until we find the truth ourselves.

  109. ladyofspiders says:

    I am just saying that half of wisdom and knowlege is accepting that which you do not wish to. And you are not going to make something true by refusing to beleive in the truth if it is not one that agrees with you. People would not get anywhere if they were only willing to allow the things in which they agree with.

    And you will never find the truth, if you refuse to let yourself see it.

    Having an open mind goes both ways. It means also being open to the fact that what you seek my simply not be there no matter how much you want it to.

    I just do not think living under a delusion is beneficial and I think sometimes people who take a beleif in something too far with accepting the possiblity that they are wrong, is just as bad as peoeple who refuse to beleive in anything.

    I prefer to stand in the middle.

  110. Sile says:

    Hmm. I understand that a lot of people don’t believe and that a lot of people do believe, but, no matter what side you choose, there will always be some small doubts.

    For me, my entire life has been the worst possible nightmare. For a long time I just wanted to kill myself and was on the edge of it one day when I learned about these kinds of things. My thoughts on the werewolf and vampire shot through the roof. I first tried everything to become a vampire, but turned up empty handed. That only allowed me to place even more hopes on the werewolf. my plan is to become a werewolf, run away from the Hell I call family, and start a new life in the woods of Alabama. I don’t really care about anything else anymore, I just want to get away from everything and everyone. You people all seem to know some what of where I’m coming from. The whole point for me to become a werewolf is so I will be strong enough not to be disturbed by those of society.

    And again, would any of you know how to summon St. Lucifer?

  111. Wolfie says:

    why would you summon St. Lucifer?

  112. Sile says:

    Well, my reasons are my own, but I would like to try and make a pact with him.

  113. Wolfie says:

    Well what I meant is who is St. Lucifer? Agh… more research for me >.< oh well it’ll give me something to do.

  114. Sile says:

    St. Lucifer is the Emperor of darkness, the king of Hell, he is Satan.

  115. WhiteRose says:

    Well that’s quite different. I never thought of making a pact, as it seems quite immpossible. I could give it a shot, but I’d rather try other options first. That intrigues me….

  116. vadezlaus says:

    if you find out how to make a pact with lucifer please do post it here i suppose you can email me too though…

  117. vadezlaus says:

    did you try eating a flower? lol

  118. WhiteRose says:

    You mean eating the lycanthrope flower? That is highly dangerous, the safiest option with the flower is to wear it on your clothes…or so I’ve been told. It rarely found though.

  119. Wolfie says:

    it’s a hallucinogen.. you’re gonna hallucinate you’re a werewolf and end up looking like a complete idiot

  120. WhiteRose says:

    Exactly. It’s basically a drug.

  121. mads says:

    i’m going to try a spell 1 more time but when it’s a fullmoon and it’s pichblack and i’m doing outside at like 1 a.m

  122. mads says:

    but if anyone wants to know why just say and how young do you have to be to become a werewolf???

  123. mads says:

    becuse i’m like really young i’m like 11 but i love wolves and sharks and i’m like a tomboy and i really really want to become a werewolf

  124. Sile says:

    You people do know the price for ANY pact you make with St. Lucifer, right? If you don’t then you should know….It’s your eternal soul. Once you’ve successfully made a pact with him, when you die, your soul goes straight to Hell, no if, ands, or buts about it, there is nothing you can do.

  125. WhiteRose says:

    Yeah, I’m sure most of us know that, intelligent or not, It’s common sense. Besides, I haven’t tried anything just yet, I’d like to know some spells to see what happens. It could be quite interesting… :)

  126. Jello says:

    ok im trying the mirror thing but if it works how do i know do i have control??

  127. Hunter says:

    Ok i havn’t tried anything of this but iam considering doing it and if it works i know i could control my new found “inner beast” and do something good with it like saving people from criminals or something like that but i would still be killing for the thrill of the hunt and then maybe i wouldn’t be that evil couse i would be in this “grey” zone. And by the way last night before morning (it was still dark) i were all alone and walking in the middle of the street where the cars drive i was saying
    – I want to become a werewolf, i will become a werewolf. ( so it was hearable )
    and then suddenly i heard this noice like a crow or something screaming and it was really close to me and so i got scared and went home.

  128. WhiteRose says:

    Wow…dude…don’t you think that is alittle pathetic? I mean, if you don’t have any will to make friends, then why Bitch about it? Besides, Becoming a werewolf is extremely hard, but Im sure one day somebody will find the true answer…Im still looking for it. Controlling something you haven’t become is very illogical, and Im sure you won’t. just like all the rest of us. Making a descision comes consiquences. We all are taking that risk.

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