The abatwa is a Zulu fairy like spirit. They are so small that they often hide under blades of grass and sleep in anthills. They live in the mountains and rocky hills but they have no central village, and are nomadic hunters. They follow thier game and devour all they catch in its entirety and then move to the next kill. When the abatwa travels it is said they ride a horse. Sitting from the neck down to the tail one behind the other and if they do not find any game they will devour thier communal horse.

Abataw are easily offended and quickly enraged. There most common reaction is to kill with a posion arrow. If it happens that one meets an abatwa while journeying through the hills and mountains of Africa the abatwa will ask “From where did you see me?” This is a trick question, to which an honest reply ” I am seeing you now for the first time? will be fatle.  Abatwa are very sensitive about their size. The lifesaving answer would be “See that mountain way back there? I first saw you when I was on that mountain” The abatwa is usually placated by the statue this suggests and such flattery will offer escape.

Far more dangerous then encountering an abatwa is stepping on one. When stepped on the abatwa will stab the hiker with the point of an invisible posion arrow, which casues immediate death said to be baffaling to the coroner.

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  1. Goblins are more like Pixies than gnomes; they wear pointed black hats. Their skin is brown and wrinkled. Goblins have black or grey hair; their eyes are brown. They wear black clothes. Goblins live in tree roots.

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