Mountain Faires


Mountain faires are dainty, beautiful, and irresitible. There are many stories of travelrs who come upon a bevy of maidens and are invited to stay. Fed on hemp and quite blissful they remain with the faries for what feels like a short week. When they begin to grow bored with vaccation and ask to return home the faries usually release them readily. It is then to the astonishement that the men discover all thier old families and friends are now long gone ancestors. There is no more place for them in this time-warped world so they often go to seek out the faries once more.

Though Mountain farieis are not malevount by nature in most cases they are unsenstive to the life-span of thier human lovers and pull the men into a near-eternal dimension without reagard. As long as they stay with her they reamin alive. Some say these enchanted human beings are acutally dead and do not realize it.

China has nuermous faries in all its mountains, flitting like butterlfies. The mountains are a habitat where reality shifts and worlds appear and vanish like clouds. Some of these faries are thought of as being shen, what the Chineese call nature spirits and eombody sunshine, rain, clouds and the mist.

*Image info: Image by William Blake



Polong is a flying vampire of Malaysia who looks like a very very small person. A polong can be conjured by pronouncing incantations over a bottle full of a mudered man’s blood. It needs to be fed daily by its owner, cut a finger for a polong to suck.

When ready, the polong can be dispactched to kill your enemies by burrowing into them and causing fatal illness.

Ok first of all, I must say, the idea of having a vampire minion, very cool. Where do I get one? Sign me up. If only I know where I might come acorss the blood of a mudered man I just might try and summon one of these little guys up.

Also these vampires can be seen in campairson to some of the malecious fae that I have discussed here. Which might bring the question as to what just does a vampire make? Must a vampire be a being whom was previously human? Or can a vampire be a term used to describe any blood sucking creature? When you look at some of the lore of other cultures it does pose an intresting question, as to just when something might offically by dubbed vampire. Or perhaps it is all just up to ones individual interpition when we look how far many of the bundries have been pushed on our mondern day vampires, and how many of the mythes popularly associated with vampires have been thrown to the wayside.

Some additional information I have found about the polong, according to one source, the polong is accompanied by a familar called pelesit. The pelesit has a razor sharp tail it uses to burrow into a victim and then cheaps when the hole is big enough, the polong then enters the hole and causes the vicitim to be driven mad, usually the vicitim will rant and rave about cats when this happens.

The polong is neither formerly human, nor a demon, but it is in fact created from the blood of a murdered man kept within a bottle. After several weeks of reciting incanations the polong will emerge and must then by fed by a prick of blood from its masters finger. The polong will obey its master and kill or drive insane its masters enemies.

The pelesit is created by the tounge of a dead infant and it should be the first born child of a firstborn mother dead less then 40 days.  

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Now this one I find to be most intresting, though I have not discussed it here, perhpas I should do so more, I do have a rather strong intrest in gypsies and this next one the Mullo is in fact a gypsy vampire.

After rising from the grave the Mullo haresses people it did not like when it was alive. Then it spends the rest of its time satifying its sexual urges. It also likes to strangle people and drink thier blood of corse.

Occasionaly the Mullo has hair long enough to touch the ground, but otherside in apperence it is quite human.

I could not find much addtional information about this vampire, this one can be seen as being very smillar to the vampires that we are more famillar with today, though it also seems to have some traits with the sccubus/inccubus, as the Mullo can be either male or female. With the emphais that the Mullo seems to have on sex.

*Image info: Poster for the play Vampire Lesbians of Sodom



Loogaroo in the West Indies is a blood sucking crone who has made a pact with the Devil. Like other vampires, she can change into varrious animals after first shedding her human skin. If injured while in animal guise, she’ll have a wound in the same place after returning to human form.

We have another example here of the idea of the skin physcialy having to be shed in order for the shape-shifting to take place, as well this myth seems to be another sort of vampire-werewolf cross. As the conneections of the crone and the pact with the devil, seem to have close ties with old werewolf myths. And shape-shifting is something that vampires and werewolves tend to have in common. I also find it somewhat intresting that the name itself Loogaroo, phoneticaly sounds a lot like the French word for werewolf Loup guro and acutally physcialy resmebles the spelling of the word, though I do not not exzactly what Loogaroo translates to.   

*Image info: The Night Hag Visiting the Lapland Witches, by Henry Fuseli

Yunwi Dijunsti

The Yunwi Djunsti or “Little People” of the Cherokee is a fairy species that stands about 2 feet tall with long dark hair that reaches to the ground. They wear white clothes, but tend to be invisible to the naked eye. Other then thier size and supernatural status and invisibility they are very much like the Chereokee, speaking the same language and having similar songs and social structure.

There are four varieties of Yunwi Djunsti. One that lives in rocky cliffs and hard-to-reach craggy mountainsides. They make thier homes in rocks, sometimes with many chambers and keep well-swept floors. The secound variety make thier homes in rhododendron patches The thrid live in scrub brush and the fourth reside out in the open. Each of the four varieties differ in thier level of malevolence. The Little People of the open and scurb brush are the most malevolent while the other two can be helpful if treated well.

Humans rarely see the Yunwi Djunsti. It is considered back luck to see them and is always a protent of death. However, twins can see them and frequnetly speak with them. Certain conjurours can even capture them for hard labor around the house. Often the the species like most fairies are so mischevious they delight in tripping people, and making household items drop and break and wreaking genreal havoc, that even the strongest conjuror may be forced to put them back where he found them.

Sometimes the Yunwi Djunsti get travelers lost in the mountains and they often lure children away from their families. As in most fairy abduction situations, time spent with the Little People leaves victims insane. Time spent with them can also lead to death. Sometimes for no apperant reason the Little People will choose one person to pick on and conjurours have to be called to help.


Azeman is a Surinam beleif. The Azeman is a woman who changes into an animal form at night and goes about drinking human blood. She can be delayed or even caught by scattering grains of pepper about the house.  The Azeman becasue of an inner compulsion will stop to count every grain, even if morning comes before she has finnished. If you find her skin where she has left it in changing to animal form, sprinkle pepper on it and it will be too painful for her to put back on.

One of the intresting things about this is the similarities it shares with the myth of the Silike that I posted here, the seal-woman of Ireland, that sheds her seal skin to become human. Also the part about the scattering of pepper and the Azeman having to stop and count it, I swear I have seen that somewhere else before, I want to say it was in The Lost Boys, but I am not completely sure, if anyone can help me out with that, please fill me in, becasue it sounds so famillar from another source.

The Azeman can also be seen as a sort of werwolf though I have found nothing which spifices what kind of animal the Azeman does transform into, we diffinently have the connection of a human turning into a animal by night to hunt.

In fruther research I have read that another way to stop her, is by propping a broom in front of a door, becasue she will not cross the broom.